• Charlie Sheen was quite the party boy

    Charlie Sheen is equally famous for being the star of "Two and a Half Men" and for wild drug and sex binges. This resulted in several serious STDs for the former star, which I think is evidence enough for the extravagant, hard-partying ways he espoused in the past that have now caught up with him.

  • Yes, he was. C

    Charlie Sheen has spent most of his adult life spending money on drinking, drugs, and having sex. He spent way too much money on clothing and food as well. This lifestyle of extravagance is what has led to all of his current problems, including his recent diagnosis of HIV and his alcoholism.

  • over the top

    Charlie Sheen has lived like a rock star for too many years. He lived with porn stars and partied with two women at a time on the regular. Some might venture to think he had a pornography addiction. Unfortunately for him, that hard living finally caught up to him. He is now infected with the AIDS virus.

  • No, I think Charlie Sheen was reacting to drugs and not being extravagant .

    No, I think Charlie Sheen was reacting to drugs rather than being purposefully extravagant. I believe his addictions caused him to act in ways he had little control over. It is my opinion that he needed help in these times, any was not being taken seriously as an addict and instead was being treated as an extravagant celebrity. He should not be at fault for things he could not control due to any issues he may have been going through at the time.

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