Was Cheryl Cole's blog comment about Lily Allen socially unacceptable (yes) or a matter of free speech (no)?

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  • No, Cheryl Coles's is a matter of free speech.

    No, Cheryl Cole's blog is at the heart of free speech. By definition, free speech is exactly as its name implies. The freedom to say what one wants without being legally prosecuted. Now if people find what a person says with there free speech offensive, they to have the ability to express their opinion and ideas as well. The concept of free speech is a counter balance that allows people to speak for or against anything.

  • Free Speech Must Remain

    Regardless of rather Cheryl Cole's blog comment about Lily Allen was socially acceptable or unacceptable is not the point. Bloggers are free agents that should have the right to publish whatever they please as freedom of speech should always be important. When you start censoring one person, it will always lead to censoring more people.

  • Cole has freedom of speech too.

    Cheryl Cole's blog comment about Lily Allen was not socially unacceptable. It was a matter of free speech. Although some people might find offense to Cole's comment about Allen, and it WAS personally offensive, being on Twitter means that people's speech is aired to the world. If we don't want to read it, we should not be involved with these sites.

  • Cheryl Cole's blog comment about Lily Allen was a matter of free speech.

    Cheryl Cole's blog comment about Lily Allen was a matter of free speech. She has the right to say what she wants about Lily Allen as long as she is not threatening her life. (Which she did not do.) Miss Cole just has to be aware that she is in the eye of the public and that many others will see what she said, including Allen, so she should be prepared for criticism concerning her remarks.

  • Free speech is first

    Free speech is the most important thing here, and one of the most important questions whenever a controversy comes up. People don't really understand that freedom of speech pertains only to government intervention; people are allowed to get offended and not support them, but people can't do anything more than that.

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