Was childhood in '90s better than in the present?

  • Media wise yes, political and moral views no

    We didn't have Justin Beiber, Twilight, Rebecca Black, and other crappy people/things, video games were better and not bad new game that the same as old bad game with new paint kinda thing, Disney actually did Disney and not live action, Cartoon Network played cartoons and not live action, so if your talking about media as in entertainment, then ja. Political wise no, it's better today then then.

  • Not necessarily -- at least not the late 90s

    The mid 90s was awesome, but then again I didn't know much about cartoons. My mom cooked real food. I knew nothing of McS--t's. It was a time when I was happy. I hated "Barney" too. Then the late 90s came about and that was the end of everything good.

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