• It Is Very Obvious.

    Christianity is very obviously influenced by paganism. Catholicism and all its saints was an easy way for the Church to include pagan gods and heroes into their religion. Also the reverence of the mother Mary stems directly from the goddess worship religions. Then you have holidays like Christmas, Easter, and others which are clearly solstice and equinox celebrations.

  • Yes Christianity was influenced by paganism

    Christmas came from yule, easter came from ostara, weddings are originally pagan and so are funerals. So you can't say paganism had no influence and there is much more y'all stole from us so look it up. I didn't know people could honestly be so stupid to not know their origins, they teach it in world history, all of so called christian holidays or holy days came from pagans!

  • Yes Christianity isn't original at all.

    Christianity takes/steals many aspects of its religion from other beliefs and religions in the past. The virgin birth, the resurrection, the healing of the sick and the walking on water miracle were all found in religions years before Christianity was born. Easter, for example, is a religion based on the cycle of the moon which was based in paganism. Wake up Christians.

  • Christianity uses pagan idols and symbols you cant reuse idols that belong to pagan gods so why are you

    The alpha and omega signs the alpha symbol was originally a phonecian ox, the omega symbol which looks like the libra came from the goddess Ninhursag
    all churches well most of them have a steeple its a egyptian obelisk or nimrods body part phallic...
    The cross of jesus came from the egyptian ankh just look up the gnostic cross or coptic ankh very very similar even satan uses the cross of lorraine which was the symbol for the chemical sulphur...(hell) the leviathon cross you see the masons using this...
    The fish symbol is a symbol of the fish god dagon and used to represent the female body part..Sorry its very phallic
    constantine was a sol worshipper that is why the pope uses the sun in the monstrance
    easter there was a goddess named eostre or ishtar or astarte
    christmas im sure everyone knows by now that there was a god called mithra born on dec 25 had a virgin mother also.
    If you type jesus christ into google translate into hard greek you get the IC XC name i have found 666 and 616 in this very name all the greek letters had numbers associated with them

  • It Absolutely Is

    No matter how much some people might be offended by that fact, it is certainly true. There have been many stories before Christianity about a virgin birth (Isis and Horus), a sacrifice to save mankind (Mithras), turning water into wine (Dionysus), a shepherd to the flock (Orpheus), among other things. Even Christmas is handed down from Saturnalia and Easter is handed down from celebrations related to the goddess Ishtar. So no, Christianity is in no way an original creation, but a tapestry of countless other traditions that many would deem "pagan" in origin.

  • Christianity after the age of the apostles

    Was VERY MUCH influenced by the merging of the church with the state. The church then decided that it could put in place kings and dispose of kings. I don't recall Jesus ever saying to the disciples before he left Earth that this would be their mission. It was not.

  • Yes, it was.

    I don't want to sound harsh, but every true christian is going to disagree with 'Christianity was influenced by Paganism' but if you just get out of your little bubble and just have an open mind you will see that actually, there are too many connections and evidence (That other people have already mentioned- so i'm not going to repeat them) that you cant say some aspects were repeated in Christianity.

  • Yes i think it was

    To be honest, most things are.. School holidays, all holidays... Paganism has been around for well...Ages. If you look back at the drawings on rocks from cavemen, you can see paganism in the way they thought and it has continued to grow and has been split into lots of different religions, such as Christianity.

  • Yes, all religions are

    All religions are influenced by the religions that came before them. Islam was influenced by Christianity which was influenced by Judaism which was influenced by paganism. That doesn't mean any one religion is more right than the other. We should recognize that improvements are always a possibility and appreciate our shared heritage.

  • Pagans Influenced Christianity

    Many of the popular aspects of Pagan religions to better convince followers of other religions to become Christians. Constantine, as a follower of Sol, incorporated much of the faith he was reared with into his Christian beliefs. Jesus was not born in December but it was a good idea to claim that he was born of the day Pagan's celebrated as the birth of Sol.

  • No, it is original and unique

    No, Christianity was not at all "Influenced by Paganism." Seeing as it is the only true religion, it is original. Sure older pagan religions have elements of Christianity such as a virgin birth or walking on water, but these stories of Jesus are all true. The people of those days would have seen these signs as divine, a better sign than other miracles. And don't tell me other pagan religions had a "died and rose again" demi-god founder, because, even if a few did, Jesus was unique in that his death and resurrection was used to save his followers through faith alone, not to show he was God.

  • Christianity Has No Connection to Paganism.

    As a devout Christian, I strongly disagree with this statement. One of the most basic beliefs of Christianity is that Jesus is God's son and died then rose again. Is how Christianity got started. Another Christian belief is that Jesus and God are one and the same. Pagan scripts and paintings, however, never made any claim that a deity and their son were one deity in different forms.

    As for Christians celebrating Easter, our Easter celebration is not about the earth becoming fertile again. It is about Jesus dying for everybody and coming back to life. We simply could not pick another date on which to celebrate it or come up with another name for it.

    "the Bible has many important people who are not gods, but are extremely influential people who are of high power and importance in the world," they were important, they we're not gods, and they were extremely influential, but their power was not their own. David was the warrior he was because God was with him and David trusted God. Peter, Stephen, and John did perform miracles, but it was Jesus' power working through them.

  • It is not influenced by paganism

    Nor is it original. We must remember that Christianity stems from Jesus, a Jew. Therefore, a lot of Christian beliefs have roots in Judaism (we share the old testament). Christianity began as a secular organization of Jews. It was only after the death of Christ that it became a bona fide religion. The real question you ask is " How far has Christianity influenced Islam?"

  • No, I do not believe that Christianity was influenced by paganism

    I do not believe that early believers of the Christian religion were influenced in any way by paganism. The early Christians had their own belief system, and their Christ was strongly against paganism and the earliest Christians were aware of that through the oral history before the Bible was officially written.

  • What in the world?

    Let me see the fact that Christianity has only one God and a huge book that covers many centuries and has no contradictions in its texts. If it did, it would've been dismissed a long time ago. The fundamental primary base of Christianity is that Jesus died to save us from sins. As pagans have converted to Christianity, they kept some of their historical traditions, such as Christmas trees.

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