• Stop allowing kids to ask Santa for Stuff

    Parents have a hand in how our future generations will regard Christmas. I have been asking my extended family to stop gifting unnecessary toys to my kids. If they must give something, Contribute to their education savings plan or get them something that they can use to explore their world, Like a microscope. The gifts they give will end up in a landfill, Craigslist or donated if it’s not practical for their needs. My kids understand the importance of living a sustainable life that will impact our future and how could consumerism will do nothing but impact us negatively financially, Economically and environmentally. There are good videos out there that teach it on YouTube.

  • Completely lost the point

    This concept has been a steady deterioration by our country. The spiritual aspects of our core and traditions are slowly being eroded away and we are continuously moving to an agnostic and ultimately to an atheistic society, Where God is gone and faith and religion are no longer a part of our tapestry.

  • Completely lost the point

    Christmas now is a joke. I read somewhere that a huge percent of presents received during christmas are immediately thrown away, Broken, Forgotten etc. Our landfills are filling up with trash. Most of these presents don't even make the receiver feel happy, And put the giver in debt. Not to mention all the wastefullness involved in christmas cards, Wrapping paper, Food waste, Advertising, Decorations, Products made to be replaced each christmas, It's just disgusting really.

  • Christmas was destroyed by consumerism

    Instead of a familiar, loving holiday, Christmas has become rather a holiday were consumerism rules. The spirit of Christmas is supposed to be spending time in family and be happy, but nowadays only consumerism permeates the season. This really upsets me, and it is very disgusting, we have to stop this now.

  • Consumerism does ruin christmas I feel.

    The reason why I think consumerism has ruined christmas is because all we see on christmas is ads of sales and discounts. We also see these themes in modern and old stories. One of the stories that utilizes this theme very well is the little match girl. Consumerism in this story is shown when the little girl lights the match and the images she sees. The images that she sees are what a normal person would consider as everything you MUST have in order to have a good christmas, but I think we are missing what's the most important part about christmas, which family and friends.

  • Christmas destroyed by Consumerism?

    Christmas isn't what it should be. Christmas used to just be spending time with your family, laughter, feasting and the time of giving. I'm only 14 years old and I know Christmas isn't what it should be. It should be what you give and not what you get. All the expensive toy companies make children believe the just deserve something. What about the naughty and nice list? People need to realize Christmas is about family time, not just presents.

  • I can't see with all this advertising.

    I was walking through my local The Warehouse in early October, cramming halloween decorations on the shelving alongside Christmas decorations. I received the 'get in early to avoid Christmas rush' junk mail the following week, alongside every other large retail outlet. October! Given that people who identify as Christian in my country is roughly 30% (and even less regularly attend their building of choice), I would guess that an even smaller percentage knows where the story started.

  • It's become Insain

    I'm not religious... Spiritual maybe... But even so I'm thinking this whole set up is quite literally Insain. Why is everyone spending hundreds of pounds on tat they don't need ( and often go into debt for) for one day in December of which most people don't now celebrate for any traditial religious reasons... Thus... It's literally just a day. Maybe we should rename it 'tat day'. In a recent poll 56% of people said they'd happily help someone lonely this Christmas.. I found this figure quite horrifying. Presumably the other 44% ( nearly half the population) are quite happy to let people feel isolated and lonely as they're too busy playing with their tat!! The planet can't sustain this level of waste much longer either. It's time to get a grip and raise our human standards. Pre- Christmas shopping is equally tragic. Presumably most people missed the memo that the shops re- open on Boxing Day so no need to stockpile like we're just about to enter WW3. Right, I'm off to baste the huge overpriced Turkey I've bought and will probably end up tripping over some of my ten year olds £300 of presents on the way... Bah humbug!

  • Cleansing of the temples

    How can we celebrate the birth of a great teacher with actions that directly oppose his teachings?
    " Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves." From the New International Version.
    I understand this to mean that he was opposed to people profiting off of the church and using it for commercial purposes. Also there is the utter madness of the Black Friday sales. People getting in fist to cuffs over televisions deals. What happened to turn the other cheek? We have lost the meaning of Christmas entirely. It should be a celebration of the coming of arguably the greatest moral teacher in history, whose message was peace and love for all. He lived a very humble life, practiced under consumption, and mindfulness in all his actions, not mindless over consumption.

  • Yes it is

    So many people depressed. Most over debt some over having no one or thing to celebrate with. For me the reverse is true screw every month of the year but October November and especially December. Christmas is the one time I get to have any joy and I see this in many other people as well. I may not be as rude or down right venomous as others tend to be year round but walking up and shaking my hand any other time of the year beyond December is in advisable. So I do say yes it is destroying the key joys of said wondrous time.

  • No it hasn't

    Christmas has not been destroyed by consumerism. Yes, giving presents is part of Christmas, but its only a small part of it Many people enjoy spending the day with family and friends. There is also a religious connection to Christmas and many people make a bug deal about going to church on December 25th.

  • Only if you want it to.

    We celebrate religiously and give gifts to mark the day. In the event that companies try to take advantage of us, we should merely ignore it and enjoy ourselves as people. Don’t give into an artificial celebration and succumb to the corporate trap. We get what we put in. If we want a consumerism based Christmas, than that is what we get.

  • Inaccurate wording of question

    No, Christmas hasn't been "destroyed" but it has morphed into a secular holiday for many people. The pressure to buy things and "create a holiday" is very stressful and is unrelated to what many consider the original reason for Christmas, to celebrate the birth of Christ. Many people celebrate both religiously and secularly.

  • Christmas lives everyone don't be sad!

    Omg god is so imporntant! I can't beleive you hate jesus! Its the most important time of year, consumerism is getting presents and thats always nice too. Giving gifts is an act of love, its generosity which is exactly what jesus would want us to do on his birthday. Buying things isn't evil!

  • Christmas is Still Thriving

    Christmas has not been destroyed by consumerism. Yes, giving presents is part of Christmas, but its only a small part of it Many people enjoy spending the day with family and friends. There is also a religious connection to Christmas and many people make a bug deal about going to church on December 25th.

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