Was Christopher Columbus an evil, Genocidal maniac, And villain?

  • Yes you will never hear about it in school

    I thought Columbus was some great explorer who braved the unknown, And discovered America. But then when I got older I found out that it was all propaganda. That guy knows too. They do not teach you anything in school.
    A lot of money is spent by the government and the pentagon in movies and school to make everything pro America. They make you pledge to a flag when most do not even know why. And when they become adults they become very defensive when you criticize America.
    Go and do research and soon you too will be very distrustful.

  • Classics white always denying and white washing

    https://newsmaven. Io/indiancountrytoday/archive/8-myths-and-atrocities-about-christopher-columbus-and-columbus-day-D4RHJ-PJLkaQC_BQVRNUBg/

    This is from an native American website, But if that is too biased for you then go and READ COLUMBUS OWN JOURNAL!

    The idiot wrecked his boat and the kind natives worked hours to save them. They were innocent and handsome. And what did that evil man write. He already was planning on conquest. The ugly man had his way with beautiful maidens and sold 9 year old girls as sex slaves like some pimp Muslim. He opened a gold mind and would cut off hands if the quotas were not met. He claimed that the natives were cannibals but he sure like to use native American meat to feed the dogs.

    You white people are all alike you always want to be on top of everyone and take by force. And then you claim to be the morally just. And then some trashy people want to claim that Columbus wanted to bring peace and civility to the savage native.
    Look in the mirror white man and you will find the savage. Descendants of murderers who worship your genocidal gods.

  • He never committed any genocides and was not a villain.

    There is no evidence that Columbus ever committed a violent crime towards Native Americans. Among the Spanish explorers, He was described as being the kindest to the Natives. He even discouraged his men from interfering with the Natives. He obviously wasn't the best person in the world, But he wasn't the villain that he is portrayed as in our modern society.

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