• Seems to be the case

    Hell, they admitted as such recently--see the wikipedia article on him. So yeah. Doesn't make him a 'good guy' just means he was screwed over. And really, this is the LAPD, we shouldn't be terribly shocked here. These aren't exactly people famed for being colorblind.

    This question actually kind-of surprises me.

  • Wouldn't shock me

    The LAPD has a long history of racism and taking liberties on people with mental handicaps, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if his claims of what led to his firing are valid. That said, it doesn't condone anything he's doing and those that refer to him as a hero make me sick.

  • Not at all!

    This guy was a nut-case from the get-go. Never should have been allowed in the military or on the police force; and, the fact that he is black has nothing to do with it.

    Not even sure why the race card is always brought up. I am German. Should I bring up the German card and say I am being discriminated because I am German and too white?

    Just more nonsense in our society.

  • No, Christopher Dorner was not wronged by the LAPD.

    From the media firestorm that is following Christopher Dorner, I do not believe that he was wronged by the LAPD. Regardless of whether or not he was wronged, is absolutely no excuse for his actions. Although the public will never be privy to all the details of this matter, the focus needs to be on apprehending Dorner, dead or alive.

  • No not necessarily

    No I do not think that Christopher Dorner was necessarily wronged by the LAPD. And even if he was, that is no excuse for the killing of innocent people. We will never really know the truth behind his allegations against the LAPD, since it is his word against there's but it seems to me that he has a very distorted view of the world anyway.

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