• He could have been.

    I believe that it is very possible that Karl Rove is an atheist because I believe that many politicians lie about their religious affiliation or lack thereof. I think this is very common in the republican party. The Republicans have the most conservative Christian voters and know that they have to play the social conservative game to keep them happy.

  • Yes, Hitchens was right

    Aside from the fact that Karl Rover never spoke of god or ran on any sort of religious platform, there are quotes out there where he said he didn't believe in god. Besides that, Hitchens was one of the most brilliant people who ever lived, and usually spot on with everything.

  • No I don't think it is anyone's place to put a label on someone else.

    I don't believe it is right for anyone to put a brand or label on any person. If Karl Rove wants to come out and announce it than that is his business. Christopher Hitchens is putting a lot of reputation on the line if he is wrong about something like this and would not want anyone else to judge him either.

  • Hitchens Later Apologized

    Christopher Hitchens apologized to Karl Rove for misstating that the former Bush administration adviser is an atheist. Rove said he attends an Epsicopal church in Washington and an Anglican church in Texas. Hitchens simply misquoted Rove and Rove accepted the apology. Like most people in the Bush years, Rove is a God-fearing Christian.

  • Karl Rove believes in God.

    No, Christopher Hitchens is not correct in believing that Karl Rove is an atheist, because Hitchens is the actual atheist. That Karl Rove likes to swear and is ruthless in politics does not mean that Rove does not believe in God. It shows that he does not fear God, but that is different than not believing in him in the first place.

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