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  • I feel like he gets an undeserved rep

    The popular opinion is that Chuckie was a loud mouth obnoxious and sometimes arrogant kid, but that is completely wrong. First of all if any two characters fit that title it's the Dominican fella who worked for Esteban who acts like a wimp (the one who was actually working alongside girls and bragged about how he could get it on, when he was really a wimp), and Jake (who would brag about what he did, attracting both the police and Corky's anger). Chuckie wasn't a saint, but he had a heart of gold, and it was sad when he was shot down. When Jake shot the boy in the baksetball court, like a friend, he warned Fresh to run away with him. You think he would have done that if he didn't care. The kid wasn't a saint, but he was better than some of the other people in the film, Corky included.

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