• He balanced the budget

    Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan were able to balance the budget of the USA. They in fact earned money. Now there's the 18 trillion debt.. Would not have happened with Bill Clinton!
    Of course the scandal was a personal failure, but it shouldnt count too much. He would have won third term

  • I think that Clinton was a good president.

    I think that Clinton was a good president. He was one of the most loved presidents of
    all time. I would say that he is more
    loved than even Ronald Reagan. He was
    respected by white and black people alike.
    If he were allowed another term, I think he could win another election.

  • Clinton is Bad

    Clinton was an illiterate buffoon, who cheated on his own wife, brought terroism into islamic states, and brought the unemployment rate up by 203%.. Clinton definitely was one of the worse presidents this country has ever seen. Unlike George W Bush, who was the best president this country has ever seen on foreign relations

  • Clinton was not a good president.

    Clinton was adequate but he was not very good. He didn't start World War 3, but he didn't really help the country much, either. He passed NAFTA which cost Americans jobs, and he failed to pass health care reform. He also embarrassed the country and his party with his sexual dalliances.

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