Was Clinton's decision to use her personal email for classified state emails detrimental to her presidential campaign?

  • It's fodder for Republicans

    Clinton's decision was detrimental to her campaign because it gives opponents the ability to call her a liar and say that she can't be trusted with national security issues. The credibility of the Clintons is already in issue because her husband, Bill Clinton, wasn't known for telling the truth. This will make it hard for the American people to trust her.

  • Clinton's use of personal e-mail hurts her presidential campaign

    Hillary Clinton's decision to use her personal e-mail has hurt her presidential campaign. It reinforced her image as an old school politician that is able to skirt official rules. It perpetuates the opinion of the Clinton's as shady However, it is unfair since many have used their own e-mail for official government business.

  • Classified Email Breach

    There should be a separate email that is not linked to personal accounts when dealing with confidential information. Not doing so shows a lack of poor judgment or something intentionally suspicious. It is common sense to have a more secure way of passing along or discussing classified information. It is easier for outsiders to hack into personal emails than more secure systems. Every precaution should be taken.

  • Yes It was

    Hillary Clinton is a criminal that should be arrested and prosecuted. Practically anyone else would be a better president then her, she is a embarrassment. With her voter fraud, the email issues, and the Benghazi scandal. This Lady can't be the president of these United States on America. She will say and do anything to gain votes. She must be stopped, she must be arrested, and she must be prosecuted to the full extent to the law. She is a disgrace to this country and she must be stopped. Don't vote for her. I would rather see candidate Vermin Supreme as president.

  • It was very detrimental

    By using her personal email to get any form of business emails has severely compromised her. It presented an opening for republicans to seize on. They knew she was going to be a formidable opponent in the 2016 election, so they started piling on early, slowly eroding her reputation and insinuating dishonesty. This eventually took on a life of its own, to the point where most polls show that many Americans (democrat or otherwise) see her as dishonest. Now that's the power of political suggestion.

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