Was CNN correct in removing reporter Diana Magnay from Israel-Gaza after she made a controversial tweet?

  • Yes she should have been removed

    I think that as a reporter you need to keep your opinion out of the your job. She needs to stick to the facts and now how she feels about the different situations. I think when you tweet, or let your opinion known it takes away the non bias's part and people have a hard time trusting you.

  • CNN was right in removing Diana Magnay from Israel-Gaza.

    CNN fast action in removing Diana Manay from covering the Israel-Gaza conflict shows its commitment towards objective news coverage. By posting that controversial tweet, Diana showed that she was no longer fit to objectively cover the news. In my opinion, her reassignment to Moscow serves as a warning that all reporters should try as much as possible to be neutral even in their social pages

  • Censorship and hypocrisy

    She is a human, and then a journalist. She is not a eobot, reading automatically what someone else has deemed right for an audience. She proved she was a human being who was harrassed by the Israelis and pressured to say what is right, and not what actually happened. Journalism is showing what happened, and she said that she was harassed and the locals threatened her so the world should know this. It is obvious she could not say it live, while she was next to them. This shows that CNN censors people's opinions, they only want robots that repeat what they are being told to present to the world. And then CNN is hypocrite enough to speak about NBC who decided to remove a reporter.

  • Doing that is like excluding blacks from a group

    To me she has the right to say what she wants. You can't deny her her viewpoint. We do that, we might as well instate Jim Crow and segregation too. No, she has every right to say her viewpoints. Too bad if some can't take it in my opinion, lol

  • She was right

    Ofcourse you can not blame Diana for being honest. She said her opinion and CNN, an American channel, must support freedom of speech so the channel does not has the right to do this. In the other hand, removing her proves that this channel has an hidden agenda and it's not showing us the full truth.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous

    Attention has been brought away from the very fact she she was being threatened by Israelis who were cheering at the mass murder of Palestinians.!! This should be condemned!! . If this had been the other way around ie. Those were Palestinians cheering at the mass bombing of Israelis and she was being threatened then I know for a fact that is what CNN would have focused on

  • Time to stop

    It's time that we stopped being so concerned about who is offended. If you read Ms. Magnay's tweet, she was talking about people who had threatened her - where is the punishment for them? The tweet should never have been controversial in the first place, but when it became so, CNN should have had her back.

  • No I dont think CNN was correct.

    No I do not think that CNN was correct in its actions in removing Diana Magnay for her controversial tweet. People tweet controversial things all the time, and a lot of them still have their jobs at the end of the day. I think its a shame that she was let go for speaking her mind.

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