• Yes, She Broke the Law.

    CNN was right to let Donna Brazile go from her position. It was discovered that she was leaking debate questions ahead of time to Hillary Clinton. As much as I do not want to see Donald Trump win this election, what Donna did was considered cheating. She should be fired for it.

  • Yes, CNN was right in letting Donna Brazile go.

    Yes, CNN was right in letting Donna Brazile go because they could not defend her anymore. She was found to have helped Hillary Clinton with the debates, and therefore was not an impartial reporter. They must hold their journalists to the highest standards and if one fails, she must be let go.

  • Donna Brazile violated basic jouranlistic ethics and standards, she needed to be let go.

    Leaking debate questions to a favored candidate before a debate--giving them a unfair advantage in time to prepare responses--is unethical for a journalist. Her activities were not only a breach of ethics, but a violation of the trust of the viewers who were expecting a fair and honest debate; as well as a violation of Mr. Trump's basic rights.

  • Sponsored Events Should be Impartial

    Donna Brazile was wrong in sharing possibly privleged information with a presidential candidate team. If CNN was hosting the debate, the questions asked should not have been known ahead of time. A debate should be impartial with each side having the opportunity to share their view. Although CNN was hosting the event, they would want to be shown as impartial to either political party. Although Ms. Brazile's eMails were hacked, this does not excuse her actions and CNN was justified in accepting her resignation.

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