Was CNN's Steubenville coverage slanted in favor of the convicted rapists?

  • Yes, there seemed to be a lot of publicity sympathy for them.

    My main image of this case, whenever I think about it, was people from Steubenville saying that the kids were not convicted yet, that their story had not been told, and what a great town Steubenville was, and also talking about how important athletics is to the town. I was not impressed. It's difficult to have sympathy for people charged with the crimes they were charged with. It's sad to see young lives devastated also. No one wins in this situation. It's a mess. Perhaps a strong message is being sent to other men who, especially when in a group, show such horrendous and piggish behavior toward women.

  • The use of the term 'accuser' instead of alleged victim in many of their online stories.

    The Judge had received a motion from the defense requesting the alleged victim be addressed as the accuser. The judge threw the motion out. I had never heard or read of an alleged rape victim being labeled as accusers before and I hope never to hear that offensive term again.

  • I don't think so

    I really don't get the outrage over the CNN coverage. Sure, they're notorious for riding the fence, but I don't see how showing footage of the convicted rapists having emotional breakdowns means they were being sympathetic towards them. They were found guilty of something disgusting and I'm glad they're getting punished for it, but that doesn't make me angry somebody is showing them being upset. They're going to jail, of course they're upset.

  • No, the coverage CNN gave was sympathetic at most.

    The coverage CNN gave was sympathetic at most, due to lives ruined on both sides of the trial. They felt bad for the boys since they made an unforgivable, very public mistake that will cost them their lives in some capacity. I seriously doubt anyone felt there was an injustice at the end of this trial, especially the media.

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