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  • Not at all.

    America does not have a official language, so why should we pick one language. I thought it was beautiful and showed how we are all connected no matter where we came from. I am not sure why so many people were outraged. We are all the same no matter what language we speak.

  • I am absolutely appalled with Coca Cola for releasing this ad.

    Disgusting, simply disgusting portrayal of America. The song should not be sung in the language of other nations, because we're talking about America, the nation of the free. A nation which was formed by immigrants from different parts of the world and then had a big boost after different people of the world were fleeing from a war in Europe. We shouldn't sing 'America the beautiful' in the languages of those pesky outsiders. No, America the beautiful should only be sung in the tongue of Native Americans that inhabited the land before pasty white people that spoke English ravaged our lands, raped our women, and slaughtered us.

    Seriously though, I think I need to say something that needs repeating:

    People like this, they are the reason why we need abortion. And the next time any of you have the nerve to DARE say that animals should be tested on or slaughtered due to them being dumber creatures, please take just one moment to think that a bunch of stupid people were the ones that got mad at a harmless commercial where people had the NERVE to sing in different languages to represent that America is a nation of hope and progress for countless people.

    Believe me, I truly am ashamed to be on the same planet as these people, never mind the same species living on the same continent. Please, support abortion, so we can reduce the likely-hood of such abominable people being born. Furthermore, please also support testing being done to these people, because there is no way far more intelligent and noble creatures like animals deserve to be put beneath them.

  • Not at all.

    The people who are angry about this have to be some of the most ignorant people on the face of the earth (I say ignorant and not stupid because they are simply uneducated and and in many cases "do not know any better"). Read some of their tweets here:

    The amount of times "your" is misused in the above tweets instead of "you're" is nothing short of hilarious (or maybe sad and pathetic). "Your in America, we speak English."

    If you're going to complain about people speaking English, make sure you can speak it properly yourself first.


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