Was Colorado right for approving same-sex civil unions?

  • Advancements for the LGBT Community.

    Yes I think Colorado was right for approving same sex unions. Same-sex marriage should be legal considering that homosexuals are just asking for the same undeniable rights heterosexuals receive in marriage. I believe that when two people love each no matter what gender they should be allowed the same rights as any one else. Denying homosexuals the same rights a heterosexual portrays an era of ignorance and homophobia. What religious fundamentalist forget to consider is the element of unconditional love for another human being. The way in which religious groups convey they disdain for homosexual relationships is perceived as barbaric and injustice stemming from level of bigotry , a hatred because of someone differences. However, if one were truly religious one would negate the differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals and focus on the most significant issue, that is unconditional love for one's partner, which we lack in today contemporary world.

  • Colorado is right for approving same-sex civil unions.

    It is stated right there, civil UNIONS. Why can't a man and man, or woman and woman have the same rights as a heterosexual couple? They already live together. Are we approving or encouraging them to live in "sin?" I think Colorado is on the right track in allowing same-sex unions.

  • Equality for All.

    I think the U.S as a whole should legalize gay marriage. There is no such thing as gay marriage, it's just marriage, period. Everyone has the right to marry the person they love. Love is love. If the shoe was on the other foot, straight couples would be yelling left and right about equal rights. If you think "gay marriage" will affect straight marriage, then something is wrong with your marriage if it can be influenced that easily!

  • Let's support equality.

    Same sex civil unions are a step in the direction of treating everyone fairly and advancing equality. It isn't fair that there are so many couples in the United States that are not able to experience all of the benefits of marriage or at least a civil union. It isn't about right and wrong, it is about fairness.

  • Step in the right direction.

    Yes, I think that Colorado was right for approving same-sex civil unions. It is a step in the right direction, and hopefully one day they will also approve same-sex marriages. Same-sex couples should have just as many rights as opposite-sex couples. Anything less is discrimination as far as I'm concerned.

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