Was Condoleezza Rice a better U.S. Secretary of Defense than Colin Powell?

  • Rice made people work together.

    Yes, Condoleezza Rice was a better U.S. Secretary than Colin Powell, because Colin Powell was more controversial. People really respected rice for her intelligence and education. Rice was also extremely social and represented us well in the area of public relations. Rice was extremely accomplished, and other nations really respected her and the things she could do.

  • Rice was not better than Powell

    Condoleezza Rice was not a better U.S. Secretary of Defense than Colin Powell. They were mostly about the same. Neither had any major scandal, and both carried out their duties with dignity and strength. Colin Powell, some might say, did a better job, simply because he was a General and had a better understanding of how the government operated.

  • Colin Powell was a better Secretary of Defense due to the vast experience advantage he had over Condoleezza Rice.

    I feel that while both of them performed competently in their roles that Colin Powell had a slight advantage coming from a military background. I believe he was a lot more his own person in that position than Condoleezza was and he had is own voice. I feel Condoleezza's academic background, while impressive did not help her win the hearts and minds of the soldiers she was expected to advise upon. During wartime the experience of someone who has lived through and participated in another wartime in a military capacity is invaluable and that is what Colin Powell provided his administration.

  • No Ms. Condoleezza Rice was not a better Secretary of Defense than General Colin Powell.

    It is impossible make any comparison between Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell on their performance as the Secretary of Defense since neither Ms. Rice nor General Powell have ever filled the position of United States Secretary of Defense. What they do have in common is each was Secretary of State, Ms. Rice the 66th and General Powell the 65th.

  • Rice Sought to Divide

    Condoleezza Rice was a former NSA chief who sought to divide and conquer the world outside the borders of the United States. Colin Powell tried to give peace a chance before using a military solution to solve the world's problems. Rice was part of a warmongering machine in the George W. Bush administration and was more concerned with oil prices rather than peace.

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