Was Condoleezza Rice a better U.S. Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton?

  • Smarter and Infinitely More Principled

    Rice is exceedingly brilliant whereas Clinton is just a sneaky, Conniving politician. Rice exuded humility whereas Clinton was elitist, Entitled and dismissive to those "beneath her. " Rice followed principled policy whereas Clinton's behavior demonstrated as sense of being above the law (mishandling classified documents) and neglectful of those who served under her command (those who died in Benghazi. . . . The quote, "What does it matter? " comes to mind).

  • Dr Condoleeza Rice PHD provost of the one of the most powerful university in the world

    PhD specialist in soviet union, provost of Stamford university. Can speak more then three idioms. Hilary Clinton worst secretary of state barely educated, become secretary of state at the some time that Obamas were in power, Michelle Obama was more popular then Clinton around the globe, Clinton was very low keys then Condoleezza rice in all aspect

  • Corruption? Misuse of e-mail? Misguiding the public? Straight-up lying? Yup, Clinton was terrible

    What I have been noticing is the media trying to portray Clinton as a very qualified individual for president in 2016 due to her past experience as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. But many people forget that Clinton was almost fired from her job and was simply forced to resign. Clinton was corrupt, was a liar, and with no doubt deserves to be prosecuted. It is outrageous that after the Benghazi fiasco and her e-mail scandal that the public still consider her a presidential candidate! Rice on the other hand was a very competent individual that got to where she was by merit and not by simply being married to a successful politician that has many ties in the Democratic party.

  • Condoleeza Rice > Hillary Clinton

    With the lies, law breaking, and corruption surrounding Hillary there are few that can be listed as worse than her. Condoleezza Rice was around during the Iraq War which wasn't popular but was not her decision. She still carried out the office in an extremely admirable way. She did what was right in a tough situation. Unlike Clinton who did what was wrong no matter the situation.

  • Hillary was bad

    She laughs at rape victims and did NOTHING worth while when she was in office. Rice is much more educated and smarter than Clinton and everybody hates her because she was in office during Bush as president but if these ignorant people researched what she did while in office they would agree she was a great Secretary of State.

  • Of course she was

    Yes, Condoleezza Rice was a much better U.S.Secretary than Hillary Clinton, there is no question about it. She is a more intelligent, educated, and level-headed person and politician. She is much more respectable, too. May people thought she should have tried running for President, and I agree with that. She would be good.

  • No, Hillary was excellent.

    When Hillary Clinton took over being Secretary of State, we saw where her true expertise lay. All those years of traveling the globe as first lady just added to her native intelligence. Rice was more a lackey of George Bush and Dick Cheney, whereas Hillary used her innate intution and intelligence.

  • Much smarter principle based

    Sec. Of State Rice followed a tight line and based her decisions on sound policy and principles. She followed the rules on every level. She reported to the President and was in harmony with the administration. SHE DID HER JOB! When challenged she never hid or lied about her decisions. She was a faithful servant to the people of the united states. Not one time was she challenged that she did not provide sound principals for actions she took.

  • They had different styles

    No, I do not believe that Condoleeza Rice better U.S. Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton. I believe that both of the women had different style of leadership. Condolezza Rice had a more assertive personality in regards to business, while Hillary Clinton is more of a compromising type of person. Both of these women executed their jobs well.

  • No, Condoleezza Rice did not have Hillary's experience.

    I think Hillary Clinton was a much better U.S. Secretary of State than Condoleezza Rice. Condoleezza Rice was rather low key. Hillary Clinton was well known throughout the world and had years of political awareness and experience. Hillary Clinton's personality was also more direct and aggressive. I believe foreign dignitaries considered Hillary more formidable than Condoleeza Rice.

  • Rice Chose to Divide

    Condoleezza Rice was a horrible Secretary of State because she was part of the warmongering machine in the George W. Bush administration. As former head of the NSA, Rice already knew her post was more about the national security interests of the United States rather than the common goals of American allies. Hillary Clinton was much better at brokering peaceful deals because she wasn't as much of a hardliner from the previous administration's agenda.

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