• Condoleezze Rice U.S. Secretary of State

    I personally think that Condoleezza Rice was a good U.S. Secretary of State due to George W. Bush being under it and Colin Powell being proceeded . The Condoleezza Rice was a good U.S. Secretary and was being followed by Hillary Rodham Clinton she was also known for traveling widely as well as initiated many diplomatic efforts on behalf of the Bush administration.

  • She was great

    Condi was a great secretary of state - a well versed politician and somebody who was adept at politics in Washington and abroad and incredibly well educated (PhD level degree) in foreign affairs. Condi was very capable, especially given the Bush-era foreign policy and the closeness to 9/11 and Iraq.

  • A great job

    Yes, Mrs. Rice was a great United States Secretary of State, and she served our country for a very long time, and to the best of her ability. She helped with many important issues to help the United States citizens and to ensure that we all have a great country.

  • She led the country.

    Yes, Condoleezza Rice was a good U.S. Secretary of State, because she led the United States in a difficult time. In Rice's day, people respected the United States, even though we had the difficult task of going to war. Rice was a talented, beautiful politician, who could even play the piano and figure skate. She is a role model for all young women.

  • Former NSA Head Wanted to Divide, Not Ally

    Condoleezza Rice was part of George W. Bush's warmongering machine who didn't want to ally the United States with anyone. Instead, she wanted to assert the United States' power by having it go alone in whatever international affairs the government saw fit. Rice was a horrible Secretary of State because she was part of the war machine in the White House.

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