• It provides people who wish to change for their religion

    People want to live their lives according to the holy doctrine as best as they can, but people don't know the full consuences of what being gay really costs you. They want to change for something that's bigger then themselves and find happiness of what they believe is the right choice. As discussed before, their are numerous health risks of being gay, such std's uncommon with straight people, depression, and even shortened lifespan.

  • No, conversion therapy for homosexuals was not a good idea.

    No, conversion therapy for homosexuals was not a good idea. It was inhumane and forced people to be different than they were. Homosexuals are born this way. There is no way to convert them. People need to accept everyone for who they are, not try to make them someone else.

  • No, I don`t think so

    Granted, gay conversion therapy seems to be a lemon unlikely to be redeeemed. But banning it may simply drive it underground, where it won’t even be subject to state regulation or limited to therapists who are licensed. With gay conversion therapy, the treatment may be worse than the ‘problem,’ but the same could be said for government efforts to intervene.

  • No, it was not.

    Homosexuals cannot be converted. Conversion therapy is barbaric, and leads to suicide more often than anything else, something which some of the "therapists" actually think is a good thing, "becasue at least they won't be homosexual anymore". People can not change who they are attracted to, no matter who it is.

  • It doesn't work.

    Homosexuality is either physically or mentally based, but it doesn't matter. When a person is homosexual, that is the way they are. Trying to change the person is only going to frustrate them. It is better to teach homosexuals how to accept themselves, and to teach tolerance in the greater community.

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