• Many Clues Show She Was in on The Murder

    When she was notified of her baby's death she showed no emotion and only asked where her husband was. She also told her husband he told the police too much when he was being questioned. On top of that she also was searching online about deaths in hot cars. Both of these people deserve life in prison where every day they will suffer as much as their baby did in that hot car.

  • Yes, I believe she was.

    As soon as someone told her that her son didn't arrive at daycare that day she automatically shouted that he must have been left in the car. I don't know of one person who would react that way unless this was planned. I also would have been very suspicious with the increase in life insurance right before his death.

  • Its both parents responsibility

    Leaving a dog in hot car is an incredible act of cruelty let alone a human being, especially if said human being is a toddler. Cooper Harris, was killed by his fathers actions there is no denying that, but the question that needs answering is was his mother apart of his murder? From the evidence that has been presented so far, it reveals that she had a lot more to do with it then she is letting on. Firstly how can a someone be so calm after losing there first born child? Maybe she is in shock but there should be at least a little grief in her voice, body language or voice? Secondly she researched babies dying in hot cars days before the accident, and was reportedly saying that this is her "worst fear" if so why wasn't she in constant contact with his dad to make sure that this was not happening to her son?

    In my opinion it is the responsibility of both parents to look after a child and one can not be blamed for such a heinous crime, not when the evidence is so damning against both of them.

  • In fact, we do not know.

    All we know is that Copper Harris was found dead in his father's car and it seems that his father is involved in his death. As for his mother, at this point we can only speculate if she had a role in the tragedy, since there is no direct evidence besides her atypical behaviour at the court hearing. Her reactions definitely call for further investigation, however, at this moment there is no evidence for her involvement in her son's death.

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