Was Dakota Johnson a good choice for the lead character in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

  • Might as well

    Why not Dakota Johnson as the lead in the 50 Shades of Grey movie adaptation? Pretty much all you need to be for the role is attractive, as, from what I'm told (I'll admit I have never read it) the characters are fairly wooden and one dimensional, so acting is irrelevant.

  • Dakota Johnson was a good choice for the lead character in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

    Dakota Johnson was a good choice for the lead character in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. He was selected after many actors turned down the role in the movie. I think that he was a good choice because he knows what it takes to play the character and did a good job.

  • Yes, Dakota Johnson was made for this role

    Dakota Johnson is an excellent choice for the role. She has honed the acting ability she inherited from her parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Her grandmother Tippi Hedren, was a striking
    leading lady for Alfred Hitchcock, so the talent goes way back. Dakota also sharpened her skills on the Fox television show, Ben and Kate. On Fox, she proved that she deserves to snap up this role in a spicy romance.

  • I think so

    I think Dakota Johnson was a good choice as any other actress for the role. If we face it, this movie is not going to be that good because the source material is not that strong. Now I know a lot of people really like the books, but there is just not a lot there to build a movie on.

  • Johnson Good Lead for 50 Shades

    When it comes to "Fifty Shades of Grey", Dakota Johnson is a great choice for the lead character of the film. The fact of the matter is that she is fully capable of leading such an ambitious film project, and she's a great actress. Therefore, she should lead the project and take over as the lead character.

  • Lack of appeal no spice no fun

    She was plain boring. No sex appeal. I wonder why all men would want to get into her pants the way they did in the movie. Also the chemistry was poor. Dornan was a somewhat okayish choice for grey. He pulled it off better. Also her actin was not great

  • Dakota Johnson's acting is too simple and flat.

    Dakota Johnson does not have a strong actress character. Although Anastasia is supposed to be a shy, Naive woman, Dakota does not portray that in a fully genuine way. Besides, There seems to be little chemistry between her and Jamie Durham. Even the sex scenes don't buy me because of that lack of wild chemistry.

  • Horrible acting and lack of character credibility.

    Ms. Johnson lacks sufficient acting skills given the bit roles she had at the time. She is extremely one dimensional with expressions and characterization required to portray the role of Anastasia. Still unclear as to how she landed the role as her screen tests were horrible; perhaps another case of Hollywood nepotism.

  • Dakota Johnson isn't good as Anastasia

    When the book described Ana I was expecting someone more like Alexis Bledel not someone like Dakota.When the official cast was announced I decided to give her a chance. Unfortunately, in the movie Dakota sounds almost robotic and the only time I found her entertaining was during the scene in the bar.Of course, this isn't completely her fault since there is very little material to act with (the only things Ana does is bite her lip), but I still would've liked to someone else in the role.

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