• He's a comedian

    Dave Chappelle is often inappropriate. Since his material covers a wide range of subjects including racial stereotypes, drugs, music etc he has a lot of chances to be inappropriate. I personally think he's very funny, but not everyone appreciates his humor. Comedy is subjective, and often offensive, which is part of what makes it funny. The Tupac song is in the same vein of some of his other bits.

  • No, to inappropriate

    As with anyone in the industry alive or dead knows that this is a part of the industry is to make fun of people and Dave Chappelle is a comedian that is his job, so no I do not feel that this song was innappropriate it just is what it is.

  • Way too sensitive

    I think that many people are just too sensitive about things these days. Dave Chapelle is a comedian and it's his job to make people laugh and entertain them by pushing boundaries. I think that the Tupac song was fine and not inappropriate. It was not really comfortable, but it was fine.

  • Chappelle's Tupac Song Was Not Inappropriate

    Dave Chappelle is a comedian who is trying to make people laugh. His Tupac song was in bad taste and insensitive, but it was also funny. Comedy is not about being sensitive and politically correct, it is about being funny and making people laugh. Chappelle's Tupac song fit this purpose by making people laugh.

  • Dave Chapelle says things that you already say.

    The conversation about 2-pac releasing multiple records after his death was not something that Dave Chapelle started. That conversation had been going on for years. People were claiming to have seen him alive. Demands to see his body poured out of the public because they did not want to believe he was dead. Then as the record labels continued to publish his music, the whole thing was suspicious. Dave Chapelle simply made a skit that took the conversation to the next level.

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