Was deadly force necessary in the Capitol shooting?

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  • No it wasn't

    I do not think that the use of deadly force was necessary in the Capitol shooting. Deadly force should be the last resort, if all else fails. Too often we are quick to jump to the use of deadly force, when many times there can be other ways to resolve the issue.

  • Deadly Force Not Necessary

    In regards to the shooting that occurred this year outside of the nations' capitol, I feel that it was not necessary to use deadly force and the use of guns to take down an individual led to the suspect's death. The autopsy and eye-witness accounts, along with interviews of people that knew the suspect mentioned that the suspect had experienced post-partum depression. Indeed, the driver had driven themselves mad and went very close to the nations' capitol which should raise a lot of suspicion and danger but it did not merit the use of deadly force in such a way that killed the driver and almost the child that was inside the vehicle at the time.

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