• This isn't yes

    That'd be news to me. I was talking about Denmark in WWII, and one user told me that about Denmark in Vietnam. Is that correct. I never heard of Denmark being in Vietnam and if they were, that's a new one for me. I'm just curious. Did it happen? Thank you in advance.

  • Denmark was not Involved in Vietnam

    After some internet research of all the countries involved in Vietnam I have not found any evidence of Danish involvement in the war. Copenhagen was used occasionally as a meeting place for international officials to meet to discuss the political and humanitarian implications of the war, but they played no part in the conflict itself.

  • No, they were not involved at all.

    Denmark has never been involved in a Pacific conflict.

    Denmark has no interests in the Pacific.

    They had no connection with America during Vietnam.

    They had absolutely no reason to involve themselves in that conflict.

    Whatever that user told you was completely incorrect.

    The nation of Denmark has never been to war in the Asian hegemonic sphere.

  • It was not really a European issue.

    When the French wrapped up and left, it was like 90% a U.S. issue, and of course, a South Vietnam issue. Some other countries may have sent in a few thousand troops here and there as a kind of favor or what have you, but especially in the final years, it was almost all American.

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