• Divergent certainly deserves a sequel.

    The movie was really very good. It was a hit. I remember not making it on the first day because the cinema was full. There were no seats. The same goes to the second and third day. On the fourth day, I was really persistent to watch it so I did go the cinema, oblivious to the crowd. My only comment in the movie adaptation is the 'unarranged' sequence of event. For example was the visiting day. It didn't happen in the movie and Tris met her mother on a different day and quite unexpected. Also, I think they shouldn't have cut important details because that would and could pretty much add up to the explanations of the story. In spite of that, the movie was really amazing! I can't wait for 'Insurgent' to come out. I bet the second movie would be more amazing as well as the last one. And by the way, it's confirmed that they are going to make the second book into a movie.

  • Yes, Divergent deserves a sequel.

    Yes, Divergent deserves a sequel. While there are fair criticisms about the movie, it was largely faithful to the book, which is popular among fans of young adult literature. In addition, the film has proven popular among movie-goers, and its popularity means there is a large audience looking for more.

  • The movie stayed true to the book.

    I read the book the summer before the movie was released, and I saw the movie on the opening weekend. Based on the book, I thought the movie did a great job of visualizing what I imagined in my head when I read the book. In fact, the movie sequel has already been confirmed by Lionsgate, so you can go look that up.

  • Comptetition For Other Films

    Divergent was good enough to get a sequel. Divergent goes directly against Hunger Games and provides plenty of competition for those films. It has much the same set-up but a different story line, of course. I believe Divergent will end up with two good sequels, just as Hunger Games will.

  • Yes, Divergent was good enough to deserve a sequel.

    Divergent, an action movie that premiered recently, packed theatres with young and old alike. The tale of finding yourself and growing up in a strange world resonated with the viewers, and the movie earned good profits. Divergent left the ending open, so a sequel would be easy to fit into the canon, and the author that wrote the original novel "Divergent" has more sequels in book form, so it would be easy to convert to the big screen.

  • Not a hit.

    No, Divergent was not good enough to deserve a sequel, because it was not popular enough. Something has to be very, very popular in order for a sequel to do well. Too often, the story line in the sequel is lacking. Divergent wasn't a smash hit, and movie makers should work on other things.

  • What are they gonna do with it?

    I think Divergent was an ok movie. I didn't really like it, but it was apparently a huge hit with almost EVERY adolescent girl in the country, and a lot boys, too. So it does definitely have a following, maybe not with adults, but definitely with kids. The problem is it won't have enough material to finish with a trilogy, like the books. A lot of critics made it clear that they didn't like the first one. The story moved way too slowly and since they already know she's a divergent and she doesn't have to take any of those tests, there won't be any of the amazing imagery that was in the first one. Also, the second book gets deeply involved with the characters that are in The Dauntless faction with Tris, who were already given a lot of screen time in the first one and honestly aren't that interesting. She has the best friend that she meets almost immediately and forms a bonding friendship with, the mean bully douche who nobody likes, the love interest, and a couple other friends who can cheer her on since she's the hero of the story. It is almost exactly like Harry Potter.

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