Was Dylan Farrow coached by her mother Mia Farrow to believe false memories of sexual abuse by Woody Allen?

  • Mia coached Dylan

    She was witnessed by the nanny videotaping dylan asking leading questions over a period of 2 days. Moses corroborates this. Moses also claims mia often coached him to say things that were not true. The yale new haven child abuse clinic said the molestation did not happen and mia coached dylan. A second separate 14 month investigation was done by ny state child welfare which also concluded that the allegation of abuse was unfounded.

  • Court transcipts showed MIA and Woody never lived in same house.

    Also, he was rarely alone with the children. (He was insensitive and absent.) The attic, though depicted as a dark out of the way area, was in fact a fully finished living space. Not the dimly lit space Dylan describes every single time. That image/ description came from Mia’s angry imagination. A horror movie setting. INT dimly lit attic,...

  • Moses Farrow states she was coached

    Her older brother Moses Farrow told a nanny at the time of the event that he thought his mother had made it up, even though he was so angry with his father that he wrote a denunciation of Woody Allen to be read during the custody proceedings. Moses still believes there was not opportunity for the abuse to have occurred. He also testifies that Mia strongly pushed all of the children to believe the claims of abuse, and that she would hit children when she was angry with them.

  • Going with the pros...

    I think that she was definitely coached by her mother. There was a reason that no charges were ever brought up on Allen, and that was because the lawyers and the psychologists found that Farrow had difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality. Mia Farrow hated Allen and was so angry at him for his affair, that she indoctrinated that hate onto her children and coached her daughter into accusing him of one of the most heinous things imaginable.

  • Mothers can make their kids believe anything

    Mothers can really make their kids believe anything, especially when it comes to negative things about their father. A mother's feelings about her child's father can be quite powerful, and given how close and comfortable mothers feel with their children, these feelings often come out and presented powerfully enough that the child believes them as truth.

  • Pretty obvious Mia coached Dylan.

    I think that Woody Allen is a sleazy, morally unfit man. I don't like him, I don't like his movies because I don't like him. But Mia Farrow, by the admission of everyone who knows her or knew her, became a very bitter and angry woman when Allen divorced her. I think she coached Dylan and invented those memories for her.

  • No, Dylan Farrow was not coached by her mom to make false claims against Woody Allen.

    I do not believe that Dylan Farrow was coached by her mom to make false claims against Woody Allen. I do not think that there should be any reason that Mia Farrow was responsible for the claims of sexual abuse. I think that people should not make assumptions like that.

  • It Is Very Unclear

    While Dylan Farrow has renewed her claims that she was sexually abused as a child by Woody Allen a screening and investigation at the time yielded zero evidence and a feeling that she could have been coached or she possible made up the story due to the stress of her living conditions. Either way her accusations come with a hesitation of belief and I feel that is warranted.

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