Was Earl Weaver one of the most influential managers in baseball history?

  • One of the most influential and one of the best

    Earl was legendary for is arguments with umps. He cared about his players and really made defense a key part of the Orioles. He helped build some of the best defensive players ever like Paul Blair, Rick Dempsey and Brooks Robinson, not to mention his famous quote about pitching, defense and the three run homer. He lived up to his words and is one of the best managers in baseball history and certainly the best in Orioles history.

  • Yes

    Earl Weaver loved Baseball. He loved the game for what it was and he never liked the flashy ways of getting around the game. Stealing bases? That wasn't Earl's thing. His philosophy brought out the true roots of baseball and why people loved it. The game isn't about the big names and all the shortcuts you can get to the big titles: Earl brought back the true nature of baseball to the people and that's what makes him so influential.

  • Yes

    Earl Weaver wasn't just a dedicated manager to the Baltimore Orioles, he was a true fan of the all American game. He lived and breathed baseball his entire life. He fought for his team when the time was needed and he greatly made a huge impact on the Baltimore organization as well as everyone who grew up loving this sport.

  • Yes, Earl knew his stuff

    The ability that Earl Weaver had to strategize about baseball was simply amazing. He was able to take his team to the greatest possible heights, and his loss from the world of baseball will be sorely felt. I predict that it will be a very long time before anyone is able to do the things he did.

  • Earl Weaver and the Strategy of Baseball

    Earl Weaver knew and understood his game to the extent of recognizing the importance of the pitcher and the value of the trade. He knew how to motivate his players and defy the bad calls. His most profound contribution to the game of baseball was knowing it to the extent of being able to strategize his players, their attitudes, and the team's approach to a winning team.

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