• The New SimCity Release by EA, is a Failure!

    Considering nearly a decade of development time for this newest version of SimCity, one would certainly think that issues would not immediately surface. There have been latency issues with log on, not to mention a large percentage of corrupted games. Although it seems logically to be a cute idea to have access to other player’s cities in the new version, SimCity is essentially a single player game, and I feel this is a waste. In light of the problems, and accompanying waste of time, the new release of SimCity by EA, must be considered a failure.

  • Yes It Was

    EA's release of SimCity was a huge failure. The fans of the franchise and those who wanted to buy the game were very upset about how it was released and the details of the game. It was so bad that the CEO of the franchise stepped down from his position a few days ago.

  • I love that game how could you think it is a failure?

    I play it all the time its one of the best games besides minecraft and realm of the mad god. I would like to state that fact and I you want to debate I will accept all debates. I am currentually doing a debate on Werewolves and Vampire Heres a link I still need a con.

  • commercially not a failure

    This all depends on what you class as failing and how you measure it. But commercially they sold 1.1 million units in the first 2 weeks alone. While the online restriction, bad planning on the launch etc. annoyed fans, that does not in its self make it a failure. They can always release patches for those aslong as it is commercially viable.

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