Was eBay doing something illegal when they sold Skype for what seemed like a low price?

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  • No, I don't think eBay was doing something illegal when they sold Skype for a low price.

    I think business deals and transactions come under investigation all the time but very rarely is there anything illegal about these deals, we don't know the exact thought process or the exact thinking behind some of the deals but the board of directors approved the deal as the best possible one for stakeholders in the company and the SEC found nothing wrong with it.

  • Sometimes companies sell subsideraries because maintaining them is more expensive than the sell price.

    Sometimes corporations sell subsidiaries for what seems like very low prices. There are many reasons, however, why a corporation might be legal to sell a company for less than its projected worth. One prime example is when the cost of continue to run the subsidiary is projected to be more than the cost of the sell. In such cases, the longer a company holds onto a financial drain the more money it loses. It's best to cut losses, in those situations, and be rid of expense.

  • No they weren't.

    No eBay wasn't doing something illegal when they sold Skype for what seemed like a low price. A company like eBay can sell off one or more of their businesses for whatever price they want. They can even give it away if they choose. As far as I know this is not illegal.

  • No, this act was not illegal

    No, eBay was not doing anything illegal when it sold Skype for what seemed to be a low price. They sold part of their share in the company and it was not illegal because they just chose to do what they wanted with their share in the company. It was not insider trading or anything like that, it simply was a choice eBay made.

  • Yes, ebay was selling illegally.

    I think that if skype did not want their product to be sold on ebay then ebay had no right to sell skype. I think it depends on the logistics of the situation and if there was any sort of deal between the two companies. I am sure a good lawyer would be able to find something.

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