Was Edward Longshanks really an evil king in your opinion?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The recorded history of Longshanks states exactly how vile and ruthless he was.

    Edward committed heinous atrocities to all who opposed English rule, But was responsible for brutal and inhumane acts to those he disliked for whatever unjustifiable reason. His "ethnic cleansing" in Europe cost tens of thousands of innocent men, Women and children their lives. His edict in 1290 expelled ALL Jews from England, Their belongings taken as well as their lives. His cultural genocide against the Welsh and Scott's who refused to throw away their heritage was even more vile and evil. What he called "cultural uniformity" "Call yourselves English, Or nothing at all! " Those who opposed were slaughtered. He massacred tens of thousands during his heinous rule. Relatives of those he murdered; innocent children and women; were enslaved and thrown into dungeons and cages for decades where they too would eventually succomb to death via old age or illness! He sacked entire towns and cities, Spilling the blood of all villagers. An excerpt from Walter Bowers recorded chronicle 'The Scotichronicon, ' stated;
    ‘When the town had been taken in this way and its citizens had submitted, Edward spared no one, Whatever the age or sex, And for two days streams of blood flowed from the bodies of the slain, For in his tyrannous rage he ordered 7, 500 souls of both sexes to be massacred…So that mills could be turned round by the flow of their blood. ’
    So spare us your bullshit rhetoric by characterizing him as a lovable teddy bear who was misrepresented an misunderstood, Because if anything were true, His depictions in various movies are not repugnant enough!

  • I don't think he was as bad as portrayed.

    In the movie Braveheart he was portrayed as ruthless and that was probably not the case in real life. In reality, Scotland asked him to come help out under the condition that Scotland was a part of his kingdom for a time and was returned. He did break his word in this case, but he never took Scotland by force.

  • Edward Longshanks Was a Man of His Time

    While a lot of things that Edward Longshanks did seem cruel, backward and even evil to the modern eye, you have to take into account that he lived in the 1200-1300's AD and the world was a different place at that time. Cruelty was common, there was no intercultural understanding, war was a daily event and cooperation between people and nations was not yet typical. Given this, it is unfair to call Edward Longshanks evil because it involves applying standards that would have been unheard of in his lifetime to choices he made.

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