• Mass surveillance on your own citizens? Sounds like an Orwellian nightmare.

    Do you really think that the government has all of your best interests right in its heart? No, and Snowden exposed the immense power that the government has had DIRECTLY violating our Bill of Rights. There is obviously a need to keep tabs on suspected horrendous big-name criminals, but when EVERY SINGLE PERSON is having their phone calls recorded, their emails stored, their messages sifted through, and a profile create about them that ups their status based on certain blacklisted search terms, oh by the way, some on some very interesting you-should-really-know-this-about-our-government-"for the people" subjects. Hello patriot act, goodbye rights.

  • Saving lives by Preventing terrorism is more important than phone call privacy.

    Snowden was helping the terrorists by letting them know that they need to communicate in another way. Making it harder to learn about their planes and stop them. Many people say that we deserve privacy, but people are being KILLED. Think about the people that have died then think about your PHONE CALL privacy. Out of those two which one is more important? Also whats so important abut phone call privacy that many are willing to let people die to keep it, I don't have anything to hide.

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