• Eisenhower was a brutal racist.

    I don't give praise to any man that was extremely racist. Not Washington, not Jefferson, no one! Eisenhower was a racist and this is a flaw that overlaps any good he could have done. It is unacceptable. He throughout the Emmet Till case and believed he deserved it. He was a disgusting racist.

  • He Actually Contributed Much to Military Industrial Complex.

    Eisenhower was seen as an admirable president that oversaw a golden age in the US economy and an era of stability, as well as warning Americans about today's society and what happens if War overtakes domestic spending. However, he had a darker legacy too. He authorized the CIA to overthrow a popularly elected Iranian leader, Mohammed Mossadeq in 1953, and replace him with an unpopular hereditary ruler just because Mossadeq wanted to nationalize Iran's oil reserves. 26 years later, we see the full consequences in the Iranian revolution, which caused all the tensions between US and Iran today--all which can be traced back to the 1953 coup.

    He also authorized the CIA's plan to depose a popular leftist government in Guatemala and replaced it with a Military Dictatorship and Death Squads because it threatened the interests of U.S. Corporations. In a precursor to the search for WMDs in Iraq, CIA analysts were sent to find evidence of Guatemala being a puppet for the USSR, which turned out to be non-existent---the Communist party there was not very strong in the first place.

    He also started US involvement in Vietnam and cancelled an important vote in Vietnam on wheather the Vietnamese would reunite with the North Vietnamese under Ho Chi Minh. It was revealed that 80% of the South Vietnamese would have joined Ho in that election.

    Thus through he warned about the Military Industrial Complex he was also complicit in it.

  • He was pro military industrial complex

    Not only did he help develop MIC, but used it his entire presidential career. From the start of his presidency (Iran 1953) to the end (planned and approved the bay of pigs invasion, kenndy executed it) he was pro-MIC. Under his presidency the US greatly expanded it's nuclear arsenal and Eisenhower threatened nuclear war on numerous occasions (such as with China and Russia.)

  • I liked IKE

    People forget that Eishenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, Ak to ensure the saftey and rights of African Americans to attend school after the governor there used the national guard to deny them access. Eishenhower's unprecedented executive move to end segregation in the states by making it a national security issue proves that he was definetly not a racist.

    Eishenhower also deserves credit for what he did domestically, balancing the budget, passing the interstate highway act, and founding NASA are all notably accomplishments. Though on foreign affairs his "new look" policy may have left something to be desired as far as containment strategies goes, he still deserves credit for ending the Korean War and finding a peaceful solution to the Suez Crisis.

  • I like Ike!

    The 50s were peaceful only because Eisenhower made them so. He succeeded to contain communism while not causing WW3 or unleashing the garrison state. Although unfortunate, Ike overthrow communist leaders in Iran and Guatemala to prevent Soviet expansion. He advanced civil rights and built the Inter-State. The best president since World War II.

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