• I am very familiar with mental illness

    I'm 13, but I have been raised around mental illness, and my best friend was at one point homicidal. Luckily, my friend was treated for what turned out to be skitzophrenia. I am not saying that he has an excuse for his actions, I am only stating that we as a society are going to grief and be upset, but we should try and find a sense of understanding as well.

  • Mental illness isn’t a justification, it’s an explanation.

    Elliot definitely had some mental issues. Had someone realized this, maybe he could’ve gotten treatment before he became homocidal. Unfortunately, his father stated that he was very good at hiding it, like many others. I don’t mention mental illness to justify criminals’ actions, just to reflect on society and how we stigmatize mental illness as “evil” or “bad,” rather than helping people with mental health probalems.

  • And very seriously.

    In my opinion, his mental problems were multifold and very complex. There was not only an Asperger syndrome (for which he was never officially diagnosed), but he showed symptoms of many other problems. Regarding the "evil" question - well, what exactly is an "evil"? I a driver incapable driver who makes a fatal mistake and kills people "evil"? Because that was Elliot Rodger in my opinion: a driver who was not able to drive himself.

  • If he was being treated, then yes.

    People don't go to therapists unless it's absolutely needed. Elliot Rodger was just a lonely man who decided to take the anger he has out on the women who rejected him. And they're using his mental illness as an excuse. Everyone that's gone on a shooting spree in the last few years has had mental illness, and I'm not saying that none of them do. Because chances are, they do. Mental illness can make you do crazy things. But when they use that case of mental illness as a cover up for what he did, that's when the police need to open their eyes and do complete and total background checks on anyone who tries to purchase a gun. Clearly they aren't doing everything they can to make sure people are mentally stable to have a gun.

  • It appears he was

    Have you seen his YouTube videos?. He's mentally ill AND evil. Btw shadow dragon he's half Malaysian and half English. Even if he wasn't evil and he was just mentally ill that still would be no excuse for what he did. He was also rejected by girls and apparently bullied. I'm not defending his actions or blaming the girls I'm just saying that that probably contributed to his unspeakable actions.
    May all his victims Rest In Peace.

  • It was obvious he was.

    I'm not too familiar with this case, but I did a quick Google search and came across his youtube page. His recent videos keep talking about why girls don't like him and why life was unfair to him. I'm almost certain he had some sort of mental illness that triggered him to go on that shooting spree.

  • He was not.

    There is too many excuses for these American killers.
    If it was a Mexican, he's a drug dealer. If he's black, he's part of a gang. If he's Arab, he's a terrorist. If he's white... He was mentally ill.
    This is simply nonsense, and this mentally-ill crap has been used for every white convict on the news simply to free their name and pardon their crimes.
    That kid a just an angry kid who did a stupid act to vent his hatred of others. He was stupid and angry, not mentally ill.
    Maybe if people starting using the correct terminology for these kids of people, there would be more deserving kids in jail, rather than an asylum.
    Sad truth about this nation.

  • He was given everything he wanted, BUT women

    Elliot Rodger was not a victim of mental illness. Unfortunately, he happened to be very spoiled and was raised by rich parents, therefor giving him the mindset that he DESERVED to have a girlfriend, simply because he couldn't get one because of he degraded women to objects you could control and was full of self entitlement. He wasn't ill in any kind of way. We can't keep using mental illness to justify what murderers do. He knew what he was doing, he had time to think about changing his mind; He WILLINGLY killed people, because HE didn't feel loved. He's not crazy, he's just a self entitled prat.

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