• Unnecessary and I liked her.

    She had just started growing some strengths and a bit more confidence and they just kill her off like that. It was unnerving, Considering she was one of the last people who deserved to die. She was a kind, Sweet, And selfless character that always tried to help people, And I wanted to see her develop her character a bit more. I guess I'm a bit biased though since I also am a fan of other work Miss Kinney does (i. E. Music).

  • Unnecessary and not deserved

    She was one of the least deserving people to die. She had just started growing a bit stronger and I like her character, She was kind, Nice and sweet, And always wanted to help people and tried to look at things positively, Different from the other average kill, Survive, Repeat people. I hated her death, Guess I'm a bit biased though since I'm also a fan of Miss Kinney's music too.

  • The walking dead is getting repetitive.

    This was the worst death of the show it was so contrived and manufactured. They stretched the plot so much to have her die. My biggest problem is that there are far more interesting things they could have done. I would rather have had had Carroll die she has run her course as a character. And it would have been interesting if she was paralyzed from the waist down and had taken Beth's place stabbing dawn since she would be a liability to the group. I still think she wont be able to walk. As far as people needing to die in the show bob just died and no one from the group died escaping from terminus which was ridiculous.

  • I didn't like it

    I didn't like it. This is because I do not like death scenes at all in my entertainment TV shows and movies. I think we are exposed to enough of those things in real life. When I watch the screen I want things that bring me joy and reflections of goodness.

  • Death is expected in these kinds of shows.

    Granted, I'm not a huge Walking Dead fan, but this show is about the apocalypse, not Three's Company or something where the cast of characters will remain the same. The harsh landscape of this show demands death and destruction in order to maintain the thread of realism that makes it possible. One of my issues with the later Resident Evil movies is the fact that the original main characters are always surviving and getting randomly reunited. This simply does not happen in real life and it ruins the story. An controversial death is exactly what something like the Walking Dead needs to stay fresh, interesting and even remotely plausible.

  • No, Emily Kinney's death was not a problem for me.

    No, Emily Kinney's death was not a problem for me. I am neither a fan of Ms. Kinney nor a fan of the walking dead. I really could not care less about this happening. I am more concerned with the economy and surviving day to day than I am about an actress.

  • No, it wasn't.

    It was long predicted that she was going to be killed off in this episode so it came as no surprise to me. I wasn't a big fan of her character so I was rather apathetic to her death. It will be interesting to see how the show carries on without her.

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