Was ESPN's three-week suspension of Bill Simmons too harsh a punishment?

  • ESPN too harsh on SImmons

    BIll Simmons is a significant voice on ESPN, hired specifically for his opinions. To suspend him for three weeks for having an opinion is absurd. He did not express himself in an abusive way, did not use obscene language, did not defame anyone. This level of punishment suggests that ESPN management has an inappropriate relationship with the NFL. If so, then that is the problem, not Bill Simmons.

  • Bill Simmons' three-week suspension way too harsh for the crime

    Yes, his punishment was too harsh. Being any kind of news analyst, you have to have a certain amount of freedom to say what's on your mind. I don't believe that you should be able to simply spout everything that comes to mind without consequences, but there is a fine line. I think Bill Simmons was presented the evidence and made a conclusion based on the facts that have come out about the Ray Rice video. I agree that it is highly unlikely that no one at the NFL saw the video prior to its TMZ release. Maybe he shouldn't have called such a high ranking sports official a "liar," but he shouldn't have been so harshly punished for his subjective opinion on the situation.

  • Bill Simmons wasn't professional on his comments.

    The three-week suspension of Bill Simmons was not a harsh punishment, because after he criticized Mr. Goodell handling on the Rice case, Simmons dared his bosses to take some kind of action about it, and I think it was very clear that ESPN response is about Mr. Simmons disrespecting his bosses.

  • No,it is not a harsh punishment.

    No, it is not a harsh punishment for Bill Simmons.It is a public challenge and I do not think its is a best idea to challenge someone publicly in media.It is total misuse of the freedom of press.He has already done this type of stupidity in past.I think three week suspension is mandatory for him.

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