• FDR was a good leader.

    FDR was elected more than any other leader, so people obviously liked him. He got us out of the great depression. While the war really did it, it was a temp fix. The welfare and social programs that were began by FDR helped and are still in use today. Social security provides our seniors, and other programs provide for low income families.

  • MY Opinion FDR

    I agree FDR was a good leader because if it wasn't for him we probably would be at war right and a lot of our elderly want to help how they are helping now. I don't understand how some of you people disagree because he was in the great depression he created the new deal he created social security so I really don't understand how you people disagree FDR was the best president even though he had a sickness waist down he still was doing his job that calls a real man who cares for country just like President Barack Obama

  • He was a good man and a good president

    FDR was one of the best presidents we have ever had, he entered the office in the middle of the great depression and HELPED. That's more than you can say for most president (obama). He was paralyzed from the hips down but continued in office. He was reelected 4 times because the people loved him.Now I don't a president that helped the people os long

  • New Deal lifted millions out of poverty

    FDR's New Deal policies aggressively tackled unemployment. When corrected for jobs added through federal aid programs, the unemployment rate dropped below 10% in 1936 from 23% in 1932 before FDR took office. It continued to precipitously drop throughout his presidency. In 1938, FDR enacted austerity measures, allowing the free market to determine the job market. This culminated in an unemployment rate of 1.8% in mostly private sector jobs in 1943. The New Deal also introduced social programs the destitute and needy count on for financial assistance. Social security, medicare, unemployment insurance, food stamps, and disability benefits were all introduced under FDR during the 1930's. Today, the bottom fifth of income earners receive the majority of their wealth through these safety net programs. Additionally, the New Deal assuaged income disparity that was rampant before the Great Depression. The New Deal effectively created a strong middle class by strengthening unions and instituting wage controls.

  • New Deal was instrumental in uplifting millions from poverty

    Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal policies generated employment for thousands of workers. Unemployment, corrected for jobs added through federal aid programs, dipped below 10% in 1936 from 23% in 1932 and trended precipitously downward throughout his presidency. Federal jobs accounted for fewer of overall employment after he enacted austerity measures and allowed the free market to determine the job market. This culminated in an unemployment rate of only 1.8% in 1943. The New Deal was also important in introducing social programs, offering a safety net to the destitute and needy. Today, those at the bottom fifth of the income earners gain the majority of their wealth from social programs formed under the New Deal. The New Deal was also instrumental in ending the high levels of income disparity seen during the Gilded Age by strengthening unions and instituting wage controls.

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  • FDR is the man

    FDR in my opinion was not only a great, spectacular, amazing, awesome leader, but he was also the best looking man on earth. Oh my does he make me swoon. You just cant argue with his new deal programs, such as the TVA and WPA, which employed millions upon millions of people.

  • A good lad

    Created countless jobs and lowered unemployment by 13 percent. He made many influential programs such as the SSA which still exist and help those in need today. He was well liked by the people for his interactions with them, such as fireside chats. Also I'm pretty sure he wasn't a communist okay

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  • Could name someone better

    6ix9ine is better than FDR and even i could run the us better. Lil tay, who is the youngest flexer in the world would also run the world better and she is only 9 years old. These american icons would run the country way, way, way better than Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Ruined the economy and a racist

    He literally put American citizens into internment camps because of their ethnicity, if he wasn't a democratic party member his reputation would appear more tainted by this fact. His introduction of Social Security has set everyone up for failure and allowed a huge overstep of the governments rights that can never be undone.

  • FDR over all was a bad president

    After seeing all the things this guy did, you'll start to consider how hes bad. For example he took very little to no effort to prevent the holocaust. His new deal policies were completely ridiculous. The Tennessee Valley Act threw other power companies out of business. The Agricultural Adjustment Act had farmers burn their crops. At this time many people were starving to death.

  • FDR was the most despicable president in American history

    Confiscation of privately owned gold. Japanese internment. Creation of the Executive order system. Creation of entitlement programs. Creation of deficit spending. Packing the Supreme Court to let him do any unlawful action he wished. Blackmailing reporters. Manipulating the mainstream media. Appeasing Communists. Arrogantly going four terms in office. Socialist policy. Proposing a 100% progressive income tax on the higher members of society.

    All of the above can be attributed to FDR. So no, FDR expanded the power of the Executive branch far beyond the vision of the founding fathers, created socialist entitlement programs, and violated countless civil rights. FDR was the worst President in American history.

  • Economy still has not recovered

    FDR is arguably the worst president ever. Because of him the government is way too big and powerful. Not only did he prolong the great depression but he also raised taxes and the country has still not recovered. If FDR were not president we would have low taxes, less poor, more wealth, less welfare.

  • A bigger Communists than Stalin

    FDR was the worst leader in the history of the United States, his polices made the depression "Great". He encouraged government spending which put an already struggling nation into even harder times. Next he destroyed crops and livestock to raise farm prices on an American people who could not afford it in the first place. Next he was warned about an up coming attack on pearl harbor by the Japanese yet told no one but his own staff. He also gave into Stalin's demands and gave eastern Europe to Russia. FDR is the worst leader in American history and should not be honored.

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