• Yes, he was!!!

    FDR was a great president. Just look at how his country supported him! He was elected for FOUR TERMS. FOUR!!! His New Deal was what got us through the great depression. He almost got rid of poverty. Do you think you could do that. Well, LBJ thought he could, but he didn't exactly...

  • FDR was the greatest president.

    I believe that FDR was the greatest president. His New Deal policies changed the country that was suffering from the Great Depression. The New Deal helped in so many areas, including jobs for the many unemployed people. His programs brought relief, recovery and reform to a country that desperately needed it. That accomplishment in of itself makes him the greatest president.

  • Universally loved in his time, ushered America through Great Depression, convinced world to make U.S. Dollar reserve currency.

    It has been fashionable recently for some people - especially people of the Austrian economics school of thought - to label FDR as one of the worst presidents in U.S. History, if not THE WORST president in U.S. History. This is contradictory to consistent polls of liberal historians (who place him at #2) and conservative historians (at #3). Abraham Lincoln is typically considered the best president.

    A few things. The question above asks "Was FDR the greatest president?" The words 'greatest' and 'best' have different meanings. 'Greatest' evokes a sense of power, in addition to - or even aside from - good character. 'Best' evokes moral character, effectiveness, and other qualities. I will not ramble on any more about these distinctions.

    FDR is without question the 'greatest' President in U.S. History. First, he was elected for 4 terms (the ONLY President to hold that distinction). Secondly, he was universally loved by Americans during his tenure - it is only until recently that some conservatives have tried to rewrite FDRs place in history. Thirdly, he ushered America through the Great Depression, presenting a means for unemployed citizens to have jobs (through e.G. The Public Works program), and giving citizens HOPE through weekly radio addresses. Fourthly, he led the U.S. Through the biggest war in world history: World War 2.

    And finally, contrary to the consternation of people who loathe the end of a gold-based monetary system, there can be no doubt that FDR did do that. However, the manner in which FDR did this, via the Bretton Woods negotiations, is absolutely astounding. Even Austrian economists have to admit that FDR orchestrated a MONUMENTAL achievement by convincing the world to, A) make the U.S. Dollar THE reserve currency for all other currencies, and B) convinced the world that their gold could be stored securely at Fort Knox. Whether or not one AGREES with the principle of fiat currency, this was a MAJOR COUP if nothing else! What other leader, in the history of the world, has so deftly convinced the major world powers that THEY should defer so much of THEIR power to ONE NATION? None! And FDR did this at a time when "the world" was truly "the world" as we know it.

    For these reasons, and many more, FDR is THE GREATEST president in history.

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt

    He helped many people go through the great depression. He came up with the new deal. He was also selected to be president four times. His fireside chats warmed peoples homes, families and hearts. Many people go their job back because of him. He is one of my favorite presidents.

  • Yes, FDR was the greatest president.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is the greatest president we have in office up to this point in time, ignoring circumstantial events that just so happened to be occurring under other presidents. FDR was the only president to serve more than one term and that has to speak to his leadership and the agreement of the people. FDR provided a great service despite circumstantial events and was our greatest leader because of this.

  • HE was elected 4 times.

    I honestly listen to both points of the view about fdr. I just think that republicans hate fdr. They hate socialism. FDR was a socialist and America loved a socialist so much they elected him 4 times. Lets face it. Socialism works. Ask any old people from the depression. He saved the usa.

  • Best President so far

    For starters, New Deal. Not only did it help stimulate the economy, but it provided direct relief to those in Tennessee without electricity, and gave jobs to the young men who needed them. His foreign policy was excellent, and he had strong relationships with nearly every world leader. His First 100 Days were the most eventful of any president, and helped restore faith in the banking system, which drastically helped the economy begin to recover. His decision making helped the US win WW2, and his general popularity and promise had people hanging pictures of him in their homes. While he had his downfalls, such as the AAA, it was a harsh time period in which drastic times called for desperate measures. However, they worked, and after his presidency, the United States experienced years of economic and secure prosperity.

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  • FDR took the US through the most trying times of our history, fighting Fascism, the Great Depression, and Polio all at the same time.

    I am seeing the argument that FDR lengthens the Great Depression. That is simply wrong. FDR did not lengthen the depression. While he was not perfect, he did an incredible job fighting (and solving) the worst economic crisis America has ever seen. Conservative economics were proven to be incredibly harmful, as seen in the analogous markets of the Dominion of Canada.

    He helped to secure freedom across the globe while lifting countless Americans out of poverty, creating the American middle class, revolutionizing our industry+economy, reforming our government, and solidifying America as a superpower for the century to come.

  • FDR is a god

    FDR fixed the US and got them out of the great depression. He was also elected to 4 terms. That boy is spicy. I mean if you legalize alcohol your are a genius and you deserve 4 more terms! He built up the economy and made the US a superpower.

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  • One of the worst. FDR was a monster.

    Don't listen to what these moronic liberals are saying about this man. FDR was a monster. He was the definition of a tyrant. Look at this policies and how he grew the power of the government. The government we have now with all this debt was spear headed by this man. How anyone can defend that is beyond me. Government school brainwashing is sure doing work.

  • FDR was quite possibly the worst President in U.S. History, and the repercussions can be seen today.

    Often today, people base their arguments for "who was a good president" on circumstance and ideology. Clearly, if you are left-leaning person, FDR is a hero, who expanded the role of the Federal Government, "revolutionized" the presidency, and led the U.S. through its darkest hours (or 13 years, rather). However, much needs to be realized about the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, regardless of your political inclinations.

    1. Roosevelt took an oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States," and broke it in the first hundred days. He expanded the Executive branch in ways far beyond what was ever intended by the Founding Fathers by acting as a chief legislator for his New Deal economic programs. He saw Congress as a backup for his own agenda, rather than as himself for an upholder and defender of the Constitution. When the Supreme Court (rightfully) struck down many of his borderline socialist economic programs because of their constitutionality (or lack thereof), FDR nearly lost his sanity. He attempted to "Pack" the Supreme Court with justices who would support his agenda, and attempted to pass an act which would allow him to do so (even the Democratic congress struck down this one). He did succeed in frightening the Supreme Court into submission. Not to mention, he ran for 4 terms, which was and is unprecedented. FDR was not a good president in the way we SHOULD judge presidents.

    That leaves, however, the basic measuring standards by which presidents are evaluated. FDR's performance was equally inept.

    2. FDR prolonged the Depression. Let's begin by understanding that the Depression was caused by anti-free market factors such as the Hawley-Smoot Tariff and Federal Reserve cash contracting. Let's also understand that these failed Hoover Administration policies carried over into the Roosevelt Adm., with much greater force. Roosevelt signed the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) into law, which allowed big corporations (that's right, liberals) to be exempt from anti-trust legislation in return for raising wages, supporting unions, and engaging in other anti-free market practices. This, however, allowed large corporations to pool profits, and suffocate smaller businesses, while actually putting more people OUT of work.
    Other relief acts (there were many) created dependency that prolonged the Great Depression far longer than if the free market had been allowed to heal itself. Other policies helped to spur big corporation growth, but left unemployment FAR lower than would have been the case in a free market. We all know that the only thing, I repeat, the ONLY thing that ended the Depression was WWII, and a 13 year depression was NOT the result of Roosevelt's crippling policies.
    3. Precedents set by Roosevelt's administration, both in abusing the executive branch's power, and creating over-government-dependency continue to plague us to this day, e.g. Social Security which was passed under FDR and will inevitably lead to a debt crisis, as one of the greatest Ponzi scams of all time. Roosevelt changed the role of the Federal government, and it was not for the better.

  • The GREATEST president? Certainly not. A good president? Meh, he was ok.

    FDR's presidency was incredibly controversial, especially due to all his dictator-like and government power style ideas. However, you can still make a strong argument that FDR's "get active" ideology was a key factor that led to the end of the Great Depression. Don't get me wrong though. His most famous contribution, the New Deal, was awful. Also, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, which basically forced farmers to kill livestock and crops, was pretty bad. But hey, you can't blame him for trying. You need to put yourself in his shoes. People are jobless, the farm economy is depressed even more than the business economy. But I can see where he's coming from. Less farm goods means more demand. More demand means higher prices. Higher prices means more money stimulating the economy. Although, I would kinda criticize him for the way he went about it. Something else controversial about his presidency was the imprisonment of Japanese Americans. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, many people feared, or effectively hated the Japanese. FDR decided that all those with Japanese lineage needed to be "relocated for the safety of the public". They were placed in concentration camp style environments. Arguably inhumane and unconstitutional (which it cetrtainly was), I can't say I wouldn't have agreed with him at the time. Once again, put yourself in his shoes. I'd be scared of the Japanese as well. Just as people as afraid of Muslims in this day and age. I believe he was a good man at heart. He did what be believed was right and didn't give up. If he would've had a more conservative or republican upbringing or ideology, I strongly believe he would've been top 3 greatest presidents of all time.

  • FDR, the "sort of"Andrew Jackson of the modern era.

    The definition given for the trail of tears includes"the forced relocation of Native Americans to areas designated by the government." The definition for of Internment Camps is oddly similar. The only differences between Andrew Jackson and FDR is that one shot a bunch of people and is strongly disliked, and the other is remembered through a sort of lens. Many of us consider FDR to be great without considering the bad things he did. He demanded power from the government, did not support the anti-lynching bill, and was considered a dictator during his presidency.
    Going back to the Andrew Jackson statement, FDR was quite similar. They both aided the economy in feat ways, and did horrible things. One of these horrible this is in reference to his VP. John Garner was not a good person. In Texas, he vote de against the poll tax which was made to make it difficult for minorities and the poor to vote. After becoming VP and during prohibition, he ran an illegal drinking ring in congress. And after his defeat in the presidential race, FDR made a deal with Garner in Orr to gain more power in the Democratic Party. I have to turn the computer off in a moment, but oh well. Bye, and FDR was a bad president.

  • His few good actions do not cancel the failures of his other deeds.

    FDR is known for the New Deal and getting the United States out of the Depression. However, why are we failing to acknowledget the Agricultural Adjustment Act? The Japanese-American internment camps, when there was not a single Japanese-American convicted of Treason during World War II? The USSR cover-up of 220,000 Polish citizens, that was blamed on the Nazis with the assistance of FDR? He is known for his incredible acts and constant morality, but his ends do not and never will justify his actions.

  • Although a great...

    Many people have brought up the issue that FDR was the president who signed authorization to intern those of Japanese descent in America. He was quite racist, at the time, an inevitability in choice of president, but still a notable flaw. One positive many point out is his great values and wartime prowess. To dispute this, FDR was an unfaithful alcoholic. This does NOT make him a bad president, but simply proves he was selfish, just like any other human being. While the wartime leadership could be chalked up to great generals, FDR actually DOES deserve a lot of respect for his war policy. He also did much for the economy, good and bad. It was not his fault entirely when something went wrong in the economy though as he was trying to fix a broken system. FDR did help maintain the country during two of its weakest points. However, his ambition in becoming a nuclear power also led to the actions of his successor, Truman, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. FDR was definitely a good president by American standards, but by no means the best. In my personal opinion, the best president was Abraham Lincoln or JFK. Both of these men were also flawed, but not nearly so as Roosevelt.

  • He was one of the worst

    FDR ordered crops an animals to be burned to keep food prices high while people were starving. He lengthened the depression with his interventionist policies, and he encouraged a big-corporation environment by allowing businesses to form "authorities" (also known as monopolies) that could regulate things like wages and hours. FDR was a decent wartime leader; aside from that, he was awful.

  • A horrible president

    He prolonged the great depression for one . The Agricultural Adjustment mandated farmers to burn crops and kill livestock . At a time during the great depression and he limits sources of food and to keep prices high . He even encouraged corporatism . He wanted corporations to create cartels and stifle competition . He even attacked the supreme Court and added justices of his own . He manipulated the whole system . And he was damn good at it to .

  • One of the worst

    FDR was one of the worst presidents and his popularity is a joke. The only reason why the United States was brought out of the Great Depression was because of military spending for world war 2 and it's very disgraceful how Fdr ran for 4 terms because that's how government gets corrupt and he was hurting many other people in America by doing that. FDR was like a king by running like that and he was causing a corrupt government by running and his popularity was a joke.

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