• For the time.

    A key factor is that it was a direct result of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese and our decision to enter WWII making Japan an enemy. We had numerous Japanese people here and did not know where their allegiance lied. Temporarily segregating them served two purposes. It kept any who supported their native country from attacking within the U. S. And protected the Japanese from people that may take out their anger on them. Similar camps were made from Germany but made less press probably because they could not claim racism.
    Many/most of you may remember 9/11 and the great fear surrounding anyone who may be Muslim at the time. Unlike in 1942, We have modern technology to see if Muslims here possess a threat to the U. S. And relatively quick ways to capture those that are. I could even see using similar methods to people who belong to groups that have voiced support for these terrorist groups and countries.

  • Yes it was

    FDR and the government were just trying to protect the people living in America at the time. This order was issued a few days after the Pearl Harbor Bombing. FDR was forced to make a fast decision because he knew that if he didn't another "Pearl Harbor" could occur and it would be devastating.

  • Calm down dude

    Order 9066 was bad but do not make it seem like the Holocaust. It was an ugly order and there were very racist attitudes toward Asians. They were treated unfairly and history should not be repeated.
    Do not try to go overboard with your own ideology. It was bad but it could have been much worse.

  • No almost like Hitler

    How do you create terrorists? How was magneto made? I am surprised the American Japanese did not become terrorists after how they were treated.
    Do your homework read and hear about the firsthand accounts of what the people suffered in there. You white people you have no issue putting Asian and Black and Brown people in cages. Then when rumors of fema camps come you act like the total cowards you are.
    I actually hope you suffer martial law and fema camps just so you people know what you deserve.

  • It was not like the Holocaust, But I don't think it was justified.

    Let me say this Order 9066 did not gas people nor starve them. They also still let Japaneses fight in the US army just not in the pacific for obvious reasons like sabotage. Now I do agree the order 9066 was not justified because even though you're not killing the people you lock up when the people were forced into their camps many of their properties were taken and sold illegally. Also many of their valuables that they both took to the camps and left behind were taken by either the government or businesses. Overall like I have said it was not like Hitler and the Holocaust that is just stupid, But the actions by the government by letting the Japaneses houses be taken and not protecting their businesses while taking some of their valuables is not justified at all. If the government had protected their property and valuables I may have a different opinion.

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