• Deliberately loaded question

    Deliberately loaded- carries the presumption that equality for all has no utility in the present era. If you believe that all humans are equally endowed with certain inalienable rights, then you are a feminist & feminism is forever relevant. Anybody who thinks equality has been achieved for all or that the struggle is unnecessary has failed to attend the planet in her time.

  • Look at what it achieved.

    Women now have equal rights to men, much in part of classic feminism.
    John-c-1812 criticizes the way they addressed the situation, however, not only did feminists achieve equality, which is useful regardless of the means in doing so, john c addresses feminists, and their techniques of gaining equality. Feminism is the ideology of male and female equality, and not every feminist acted the way jon c states, just as you cannot say blacks are harmful to society because they are criminals, and be logically consistent, you cannot say feminists were harmful to society because they were destructive. John C attacks the people participating in the movement, and not the ideology itself

  • Once for equality, now for superiority

    Feminism has undoubtedly resulted in huge breakthroughs in the field of equality between men and woman. It is the reason why woman are in the position they are today (being able to vote in most nations, etc). However, nowadays feminism has become more and more about attacking men rather than aiding gender equality, and has contributed greatly to the masculinity crisis many nations are facing today. Feminism has been an extremely great movement for equality in society, but recently it has become a shelter for extremists who believe not in equality, but superiority.

  • Yes it was

    Originally, they had noble goals. Getting women the right to vote and fighting against discrimination. However I do blame the original feminist movement for prohibition. Today it seems the stereotypical feminist just wants to accuse men of enabling the patriarchy. I say this with a caveat because it is not a monolithic movement but the most vocal ones also seem to be the ones you hear about that are crazy.

  • The past was golden.

    In the 1900s, where women pushed hard to gain equal rights as males, it was established that men and women were equal citizens. Back then, there was struggle to gain the right to vote, the right to have a say, and, until recently, the ability to enlist in the military, an act of strong patriotism. These were all honorable actions that women wanted a part in and it definitely showed humanity that we all have the desire of equal opportunity. As we come to modern times, we're witnessing a rise of women who believe they are superior to men. These individuals are supporting a system of inequality, something that feminists of the past worked so hard to dismantle. These "modern feminists" are attempting to undo the accomplishments that came from the hard work that feminists of the past set. Of course, there are feminists to this day who still share the same ideas and values of the original feminists and that is very much an honorable thing. However, when it comes to feminists who believe in inequality and go on to bash women who want to be housewives, or people who want to have large families, these feminists are not to be taken seriously for they are not the type of feminists that you can logically agree with. You may fight for equality because that's a respectable goal, but fighting for superiority is nothing but ignorance in a forward-moving world.

  • Was and still Would Be

    Feminism revolutionized the way most nations today function. It was a powerful, brave movement and allowed women to be where they are today. It allowed them to have a job, get paid, and participate in Government. But most of all, it gave them the power to choose what they want to do with their life.
    Even today, Feminism would be something that would make a powerful statement, There are still issues facing women in a lot of countries, especially in areas of sexuality and the freedom of expression.
    The problem today is not Feminism in its original form, its the extremist version that a lot of women today hide behind and use as an excuse to hate on men. Feminism is about women having rights, being treated equal to men. It is not about getting away with everything and trying to make it seem as if men have a lesser value.
    So, in conclusion, feminism was and is relevant and important, just in different areas. What the question is referring to is a type of feminism that has been created by extremists and has nothing to do with the campaign for equal rights.

  • It once was but not as much anymore.

    Back when woman were treated as property and couldn't vote it was useful. But other than that feminism is generally anti God. Some feminists try to say there is no difference between Man and Woman and some are anti male. Some feminists criticize Woman who want to be housewives and people who have big families.

  • Feminism was Constitutionally Counterproductive.

    The argument is that a woman could not be President legally ever. Simply illegally President anytime they orchestrated a crime using the voter. By fact a female, is female, by basic principle not male, by legal precedent only is medically altered to a male. The responsibility of United States President was to preserve, protect and defend the United States Constitution.

    Instead of addressing the cause hidden in basic principle and legal precedent defending the United States Constitution, woman as a whole felt it was best to attack constitutions basic principles and legal precedent by refusing to represent and perform the very task they wished and asked others to vote and elected one of them to do.

    Sit before the United States Constitution on behalf of all woman.
    A woman is Prasedera as she will be called by legal precedent and all legal voters to sit before the United States Constitutions Impartial separation. The President is not just the Executive officer of the United States.

  • Toplessness in Ontario Canada

    One subject we've neglected to mention here is with regard to male and female toplessness. In the summer of 2015 I believe three young ladies were approached by a police officer and told to put there shirts back on. They had decided to go for a harmless bike ride in the Kitchener area topless. They were doing nothing wrong as this is legal in Ontario. I feel this is why women unfortunately do not take advantage of this opportunity. They get bothered and harassed. However I say if women would adopt the attitude that most men likely have and say who gives a dam what anyone thinks!! I am doing this because it's not illegal and because I want to cool off just as the men do eventually it would become as acceptable as it is for men. For those women who do already take advantage of this I say congratulations and please continue doing so. People need to grow up and get over it they are boobs not Bombs!! If you don't like it don't look!!

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