• Yes, they were.

    I think that banks and other lending institutions have every right to see if you have any medical debt. It is unfortunate that medical debt happens, but they need to know if there is any major reason why you would be able to pay your bills in the furture, medical debt definitely can be one of those reasons.

  • Yes FICO made a wise decision in excluding medical debt from its credit scoring model.

    The decision of FICO to exclude medical debt from its credit scoring model reflects better on the true nature of a person's credit. Major medical debt is typically unplanned and catastrophic to both a person's credit and family life. This decision at least gives a person the chance to keep their credit profile in order.

  • FICO was not wrong to exclude medical debt from credit scores.

    FICO was not wrong to exclude medical debt from credit scores. This is because medical debt has to do with survival, and when someone is fighting to survive, it means that they need every bit of a chance they can get to improve other parts of their financial lives. If someone is closer to a survival situation it means they should not be kicked when they are down.

  • They Haven't Yet

    If you think medical debt has already disappeared from your score think again. There's no hard fast rule that these new suggestions have to be adopted and chances are they won't be. Medical debt shouldn't be held against a person. Health care should be provided to all people. The medical field should be more concerned about doing their job and less concerned about profit. Period!

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