• FKA Twigs' Met Gala gown was more than appropiate.

    FKA Twig's gown was more than appropriate. The gown, designed by Christopher Kane, is a work of art. Considering the fact that the Met Gala is a celebration of art, I see no issue with wearing something that is a little controversial. Art is not supposed to be kid-friendly. It is supposed to make you think and a little uncomfortable.I think her gown does that and I applaud her choice.

  • Gown Length at the Met Gala is Subjective

    FKA twigs' Met Gala gowns were appropriate and cutting edge. This is an upscale affair and one that almost demands cutting edge fashion. When an event such as this occurs there needs to be outfits and gowns that turn heads and make us stand up and take notice to really get fashion moving forward.

  • Yes, FKA twigs' Met Gala gown was colorful and unusual, but not inappropriate.

    Yes, FKA twigs' Met Gala gown was appropriate. It did not reveal any normally private body areas, and was not sheer or extremely short. It depicts human anatomy in an artistic way, not in an overly sexualized or crass way. There are ample examples of the human boy being depicted in art and media in an artistic or straightforward way.

  • Gown worn by FKA Twigs is silly and absurd

    FKA Twigs wanted to grab attention in a shocking way by wearing a gown with a representation of a penis on it to the Met Gala event with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. It seems these types of celebrities simply want to get people talking about how extreme they can be so this attempt is just another in the long line of immature stunts to stir up interest in their lives.

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