Was foul play involved in the disappearance of the NW Indiana man after the Blackhawks game Friday night?

  • Foul play indeed

    I believe it was foul play indeed. People usually do not disappear without reason. Unless a person has some deep-seated problems, like forthcoming financial ruin or a lot of family or relationship issues, disappearing is usually not an option. It is good that all avenues be investigated about the NW Indiana man.

  • Yes, foul play was probably involved with the disappearance of the NW Indiana man after the Blackhawks game.

    The NW Indiana man's family and friends say it is very unusual to have not heard from him by now. Add to that he went missing from a bar where alcohol was probably involved. Add to that he was kind of a small man, making him potentially an easier target.

  • Leaving a bar late after drinking leads to danger

    I do not believe foul play was involved in the disappearance of the Indiana man who watched the Blackhawks hockey game at a bar on Friday night. His car is missing as well which, to me, means he unfortunately drove from the bar late at night after supposedly drinking alcohol while watching the game. This combination of drinking, driving, and lateness of the night strongly suggest a disastrous accident for this man.

  • To early to tell

    There are not enough facts to determine if foul play has occurred yet. People are always quick to jump to conclusions and say that an incident is afoot however I do not think that is prudent. We should wait for facts and give the police an opportunity to gather information.

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