• They were

    Ignoring rebel forces with known terrorist ties pushing for power often leads to a country that is overrun by them for a very long time going forward. France made the proper decision in making an effort to put a stop to this before it gets out of control, the last thing we need is another country playing the role of a terrorist stronghold.

  • Yes, they are right to intervene and help restore order in Mali.

    Intervening will help restore order. Further rebel action is dangerous and deadly. France is in a position to help and the U.N. backs their decision. African troops are also helping. Extreme Islamists should not have control of Mali. This type of control can embolden them to cause more trouble that would affect France. The World should work together like this to control militant groups like this that could get stronger and cause further issues for other areas.

  • They Created the problem

    I think that it is misguided to think that a problem creator should be the solver. The west is solely responsible for the instability and I think the solution will be to stop all these self interest agenda's. The French have helped protect Bamako, but they should have done it in 2003 when the alliances to the terror group were being created by America and Algeria.

  • No, it seems too much like re-colonizing.

    The fact that France used to rule over Mali complicates this issue immensely. The situation is very volatile and needs to be handled with delicate hands, not the heavy boots of the military. I do not see how French involvement will help the people of Mali reach a stable and prosperous future; they need to figure things out on their own.

  • No

    If Mali wanted France to intervene they would have made a gesture at it. From what I have observed from the media and different social networks, Frances intervene was not called for, and was completely blown out of proportion. In my opinion They did not have to go to Mali as swiftly as they did.

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