Was Fresh Prince actress, Janet Hubert justified in criticizing Jada Pinkett Smith for boycotting the Oscars: ?

  • Yes, she's right that Mrs. Smith just has sour grapes.

    Mrs. Hubert is correct to point out that the industry which Mrs. Smith is condemning has made her a very wealthy woman, and that she seems to sound a little like a spoiled child. Smith's message is also divisive and segregationist, implying that "we", meaning black actors and actresses, use our proceeds for "our" community, ignoring the other community members who bankroll their projects and pay to watch the product.

  • Everyone Has A Right To Their Own Opinion

    The beauty of America is your opinion, you can say what you feel because not matter the stance, you're in the spotlight. Your name, your thoughts, your everything is out there if you choose. For Janet Hubert to criticize Jada Pinkett Smith for boycotting the Oscars is a feeling she knew she needed to express without caring about the recourse is may have on her or any part of her reputation...and the same goes for Jada Pinkett Smith, her voice sets her reputation in motion as well.

  • Yes Janet Hubert was Justified

    Janet Hubert was justified in criticizing Jada Smith. Being a black actress herself, she has the right to voice her opposing opinion about something that affects how others of her race are considering something to be racist. Additionally Will Smith has profited so much from Hollywood and like Ms Hubert says the Smiths have their own production company where they only hire friends and family therefore, they can actually be considered part of the problem. Maybe it's not racial but in fact industry related if in fact is a problem at all. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  • To each, his or her own.

    Jada Pinkett Smith is entitled to her opinion and entitled to act in a way of her choosing, especially when it affects someone in her family. Her husband, Will Smith, was overlooked for an Oscar nomination for his rule in "Concussion" as well as several other worthy actors who turned in phenomenal performances. By boycotting the Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith is standing up for her husband and for the black race in general.

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