• Galvarion's Daring Escape

    Galvarion was a hero who, upon escaping from his brutal capture and torture, restored order to his region. Despite his tortured body, he fought with all of his will and might to defend his people and land. Unfortunately, the fighting never abated and he was captured again and ordered to be executed. It seems that he was somewhat of a legend to the Mapuche people.

  • Yes he was just trying to protect his people.

    He was a brave man, even when captured he was not afraid of having his hands chopped off, he even embraced death (although at that time he wouldn't meet his end). Most people would give up trying to live life after having their hands removed, let alone try to fight but this guy had knives attached to his arms! He turned his disability into a weapon, you've got to admit, that's pretty cool.

  • Galvarion was a war hero

    I would say he was. He had both of his hands cut off and still managed to create an army and fight with blades attached to his stubs. If that's not bravery then I don't know what is. To fight with a disability is extremely brave. I think he was a war hero.

  • Galvarion was no Hero

    Galvarion was no hero in my opinion. A hero embodies many certain characteristics, and he had few. He led his forces into a battle that they were woefully unprepared for and bears the responsibility for many deaths. His story is a distressing one for sure. It reads like something out of a comic book, which is why I think some could be swayed to think him a hero.

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