Was genocide committed by Russia or Georgia during the 2008 South Ossetia War?

  • May not be genocide, but war crimes, yes...

    Numerous eyewitness reports emerged when from the people who were forced out on foot by the Russian infantry, that the civilians - old, young, unarmed, innocent bistandards - were treated like they were enemy combatants and were either shot indiscriminately in an excution style (individually or in lines) or were hung, stabbed, beaten/tortured, or had their throats slit. Much reminiscent of what the Russians did during WW2 on their way in Germany.
    Unbelievable to think that today's modern superpower (russia) would have allowed their army to act like a 3rd world armed gang, something from sub-saharan africa, and would be so unprofessional to act like that. Either hoards of people were lying about these attrocities and having their family members murdered, to gain sympathy for being displaced - OR IT REALLY HAPPENED? I'm glad I don't live there in such a volatile region!

  • I have chosen Russia, because they did commit genocide, due to the thoughtless takeover and lives that were lost.

    From what I know on the subject, Russia came in, unwarranted, and occupied Georgia. To me, the countless lives that were lost because of their takeover, without reason, is genocide. Georgia was a sovereign nation, and Russia had no right to even cross their border, much less with military force, especially without a reason. It's just like any dictator taking mass lives, without a reason, just to try to intimidate and show power.

    Posted by: CelineS
  • In the 2008 South Ossetia War, Ossetian militia committed genocide against ethnic Georgians.

    According to a report by the European Union, the South Ossetia War was found to have begun by an illegal attack (under international law). However, the same report also found that the Russian response to the attack was disproportionate. Although Russia claimed to have evidence of ethnic cleansing against Ossetians by Georgians, the report found that in fact there was sufficient evidence that Ossetian militia committed genocide and ethnic cleansing against Georgians both during and following the war. Although the war seems to have been provoked by Georgia, Russia's response on behalf of the Ossetians was exceedingly cruel, amounting to a finding of genocide.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • Genocide was committed mainly by Russia during the 2008 South Ossetia War because they killed thousands of Georgian civilians, as well as soldiers.

    Russia did not seem to care who they killed, as long as they were of Georgian descent. This shows that they were trying to kill an ethnicity, which makes it genocide and not just casualties of war. Russia also burned Georgian villages down after killing everyone in them, which prevented any Georgians from returning to the area in the future.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • Russia committed genocide during the 2008 South Ossetia War

    The Russian and Georgian armies committed many atrocities during the 2008 South Ossetia War. They killed innocent civilians in cold blood in an attempt to exterminate a populace.

    Posted by: NauseatingAbdul53
  • yes

    yes, there were a genocide. the active supporter of genocide were Russian, there is a several examples. when Georgians went in Tskhinvali, Russian aircraft started to Bomb city to kill Georgian soldiers. however, Russian did not care about population who were in the city, there goal was just to kill all Georgian soldiers. In fact they could not achieve their aim, and they ruined all city and killed a lot of people there, CITIZENS but not Georgian soldiers. Second genocide facts is that, Russian were throwing bombs in Gori, and there were dead a lot of innocent citizens. Moreover Russians were using the Cassette bombs, which are prohibited by International Law. The information which I wrote here is not a confidential, there is a videos of proving that. so now you can make a conclusion who made a genocide.

  • I believe that both governments showed a disregard of innocent life in the interest of destroying the other side.

    During the South Ossetia armed conflict, both Russian and Georgian officials were bent on annihilating each other. War crimes were committed repeatedly. The ritualized targeting of civilians qualifies this as genocide in my mind. Rapes and abductions, as well as theft, were also targeted towards non-military person. Cluster bombs were used to destroy villages. Furthermore, after villagers were displaced, armies would burn villages, preventing any civilians from returning to their homes.

    Posted by: KKinney
  • Yes, I agree that genocide was committed because I read about it recently in an AP book.

    Violence was used as a method of control in eliminating political opposition. Ethnic cleansing was one way that some sought to accomplish that.

    Posted by: P0nyRace
  • Georgia committed genocide during the 2008 South Ossetia War. Around some 2,000 civilians were killed.

    About 2,000 civilians were killed by the Georgians in the 2008 South Ossetia War. Russians were simply trying to keep the peace and some of their people were also killed. The Georgian invasion can be classified as genocide.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • I do feel that genocide was committed by both sides during the South Ossetia War.

    I've seen quite a bit of photographic evidence and coverage on the genocide that both the Georgians and the Russians employed during this war. They took no care for civilians safety and even purposely aimed weapons at civilian buildings. It's horrifying that these soldiers would be willing to kill all of these innocent people--so much so that there were many more civilian deaths than those who were actually fighting.

    Posted by: 5h4rdWiIIi
  • No, because the war was for territory, not to remove those of a specific ethnicity.

    The definition of a genocide is "the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group". This war was over the region of South Ossetia. While it was sparked by what they felt was a political dissidence, it was not a war with the direct meaning to eliminate that population. It was a war to capture/recapture what they felt was territory they felt they should own.

    Posted by: C0nrKentros
  • I disagree that there was genocide committed by either Russia or Georgia because there wasn't any intentional killing due to a certain ethnicity.

    Yes there was a lot of people affected by the war and a lot of people were killed from it but I don't believe it was outright genocide. It was just an unfortunate circumstance for the same nationality of people.

    Posted by: gouharui
  • I think wall was directed and dramatized by the president Sakachvili to gain the support of the international organisations and public opinion, and to force Russia to recognize South Ossetia as an independent territory.

    I saw numerous documentaries on Ukrainian television in which the Georgian people didn't support the Sakachvili's actions and demonstrated against the government. Also, I should mention that I live 50 km next to the Ukrainian border.

    Posted by: YugiRobb
  • I do not believe Russia nor Georgia committed genocide during the 2008 South Ossetia War. Their actions were justified by current conditions.

    I do not believe Russia nor Georgia committed genocide during the 2008 South Ossetia War. Their actions were justified by current conditions. During the time, both parties were suffering certain conditions due to their government foundations in which action must have been followed through. Sure, Russia seemed to take advantage of Georgia in that the massive super power financially engrossed the other in a political struggle, but at times, militaristic action is necessary.

    Posted by: R0ddHiPPo
  • There is no direct evidence of genocide taking place during the recent Russia-Georgia war.

    I have seen no evidence of organized genocide from the Russian-Georgian war. First it was too quick, second with media being so quick to latch onto anything these days, organized genocide cannot take place without people knowing. While there may have been a lot of civilian casualties and artillery fire falling on residential sections, indiscriminate attacks are not the same as genocide. If that were the case then the United States would be guilty of genocide for leveling German and Japanese cities during WW2.

    Posted by: R0ck5Agu
  • I do not believe Georgia or Russia committed genocide in South Ossetia.

    Neither Georgia nor Russia committed genocide in South Ossetia because no one ethnic or religious group was targeted. The ongoing conflict in South Ossetia has more to do with nationalism than ethnicity or religion.

    Posted by: 5c0Ieak
  • No, not intentionally.

    No, neither Russia nor Georgia committed genocide during the 2008 South Ossetia War, because neither side was intentionally killing innocent people. Both sides legitimately though they had a claim to the land, Georgia because of ethnic ties, and Russia because of prior agreements as to who would control the land. Both countries only thought they were protecting their interests.

  • No, because death is just another part of war.

    I know that the killing of innocent people seems wrong to most of the world, but that is a fact of war. People, even the innocent people, get killed. As long as there are countries that are willing to go to war, people will be killed in those wars, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

    Posted by: 5c0tJung

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