Was George Bush Sr. a better president than George Bush Jr.?

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  • Judgement was better

    Senior Bush used good judgment, especially in foreign policy, and though he had his weaknesses, he did not put us in an unnecessary war, like bush junior. Also, senior bush acted more presidential and addressed the people better than junior. All in all, he was a better leader and person than junior.

  • George Bush Sr. A Better President than George Bush Jr.

    George Bush Sr. was a better president than George Bush in some ways, but not significantly. The difference between the older president and younger is that George Bush Sr. did not get us involved in a major war like the Junior President did. Our Junior President Bush passed laws that allowed many people to get filthy rich at the expense of millions of people in the US.

  • He had the Best Foreign Policy

    1. Gulf War 1990-1991 Sanctioned War to help stop Saddam's Republican Guard from Invading Kuwait to steal oil for profit. Won the war within six months.
    2. Panama 1989- Stop Manuel Noreiga from coming into power.Operation Just Cause" was a large-scale American military operation. Stop Manuel Noreiga from coming into power.
    3. Somalia 1993 Bush launched Operation Restore Hope the following day under which the United States would assume command in accordance with Resolution 794.[85] Fighting would escalate and continue into the Clinton administration.[86]

    4. Soviet Union during End of the Cold War 1991, President Bush and Gorbachev declared a U.S.-Russian strategic partnership, marking the end of the Cold War.

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