Was George Carlin's "Some people are really stupid" routine his most pivotal piece?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It really did make his own design of stand up comedy very unique and stand out toward his peers.

    His thoughts on the average person are definitely things one has thought of at some point. Whether its their lifestyle or their rationality in certain situations, George Carlins discussion and thoughts thoroughly illustrate middle class society. Sometimes people simply don't think for themselves and are easily influenced by ideas simply because someone popular or famous says it is true or a valid point.

  • "Some People Are Really Stupid" Not that Pivotal

    Sure, George Carlin's "Some People are Really Stupid" bit was a big moment in his career. However, he has always been a fantastic comedian and features plenty of other more notable bits, including "Seven Deadly Words" and others. Carlin is one of the greatest comedians of this generation after all.

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