• He was a criminal

    For one, I would like to make it clear that his killing was a very bad thing. Everyone, Even hitler, Deserves due process. However, To say that the man was a model citizen is an exaggeration. I think we failed to consider what one has to do to be a model citizen. A model citizen is someone each citizen should strive to become. Someone that stayed clean from drugs and crime. Someone that hasn’t tried to rape and kill a pregnant women. Our society would be in cahoots if everyone e strives to be like that. I wouldn’t ignore George Floyd’s efforts after he got out of prison, Perhaps even call him a model ex convict, But never a model citizen.

  • People liked him better than you

    Yes he did drugs and he went to jail for crimes. What you FORGOT was that he served his time in jail. When he was out He went to a church and changed his ways.
    He mentored young men and volunteered with drug rehabilitation and job placement. A lot more than Mr. Dug could ever say he did.

    He was working jobs and then lost his job during the virus pandemic. He fell on hard times and maybe he returned to drinking. People want to say that he was involve in counterfeiting but believe me its easy to wind up with fake money without knowing I had to buy a dollar Marker to deal with fakes.

    And he was killed by a violent white cop who refused to let him breath. And people like Dug want to dig dirt and vilify him so they can justify killing him.

    Hey Dug why don't you dig some dirt on Trump or Chauvin because that seems to be your thing.

  • He was no model citizen

    He was a criminal and was being arrested for something he was doing wrong. He did not deserve to die, But he does NOT deserve to be praised! He has done alot in the past as well, In and out of prison! Would anyone be praising a white person like this if the situation was reversed! NOPE!

  • Just another useless criminal

    This ugly nigger didn't achieve anything in life, Yet the mainstream keeps pushing leftist propaganda down everyone's throats. Every time a white person gets killed by these filthy monkeys, All the major news outlets ignores them. Tell me why there aren't any protests in the name of these poor white farmers in South Africa who are getting murdered on a regular basis, Or what about that beautiful young woman who recently got shot for saying that all lives matter. Anti-white racism is alive and well, People. Someone needs to step up and put an end to this madness before it's too late.

  • A criminal is a criminal

    I agree that he should not have died, And it is being solved, But that does not mean that Geoge was some great model citizen. There was a reason that he was being arrested. He had been a criminal before and was still a criminal. Committing crimes is illegal, For the reason that they are immoral and wrong.

  • He was a criminal.

    He was a guy who has committed many crimes I'm the past. He was in prison and for armed robbery of a woman. He was also a drug addict. He had five kids whom he didn't take care of and watch after. I don't understand why people look up to him.

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